A blessed Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas 2013 in Palau, and it’s quite the contrast with this year’s celebration. Very different, on a number of levels.
Since we got back to Norway, a few things have happened. In no particular order:

  • Marthe finished 10th grade with an A+ in English and enjoys her new school and friends hugely
  • Maria’s been on sick leave for a few weeks now because of problems with her joints
  • Krister thinks a lot about his friends these days and is saving up big time for a wii-u
  • Bente is happy at school with her friends, after a somewhat difficult re-entry time
  • Eskil has grown a lot since OM’s Teenstreet in Germany this summer, and Normisjon’s 10-13 festival
  • Herbert is almost done with an app (except… you’re never really done)

We hope you enjoy the traditional Norwegian Christmas songs, sung by Maria and Marthe, accompanied somewhat by Herbert.

We wish you a blessed Christmas!
If the following picture is too offensive, let us know and we’ll send you a more traditional picture (we have those too, somewhere). The picture was, by the way, taken by Kjell Roar Bjørnsen.


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  1. I love the singing, beautiful. The photo, what amazed me is your children have grown so much.

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