Prayer and trust


Speaking with the one who created us, who also redeemed us, saved us, and guides us if we let him, that builds our relationship: me with Him and He with me. That speaking has many sides – we talked about worship, praise and thanksgiving on one side, and supplication, petitioning and intercession on another side. […]

Unifi Access Point AC v2


The old UAP ACv2’s have reached End Of Life some time ago. However you can expect them to run just fine for a while longer. They will keep on functioning just fine alongside any newer equipment you might have, so if you’re running on a low or no budget setup, the information in this post […]

Netgear WNDR4300v1 as wireless bridge


Not enough time, but: 1. Get DD-WRT on it. 2. Do this: SETUP WAN: Disabled Local IP: statisk Gateway / Local DNS: IP of main router Assign WAN to switch: yup WIRELESS Client Bridge (Routed) Default GW: Manual Gateway: IP of main router SSID: As main router WIRELESS SECURITY Same as for main router SECURITY […]

Kodi, Kore, NAS


This is not some strange mantra, but some “nerd”-setup where a NAS (Network Attached Storage) provides MP3 files to Kodi (an Open Source Home Theater manager) which runs on an old Jelly Bean Android (mobile phone); Kodi is then controlled through Kore (Kodi Remote app) on my current mobile phone (a less old Android 5 […]

How to fail effectively..


A friend of mine pointed me to this video: The way the singer takes the time to reassure the guitarist, resonated with me on a very deep level. I don’t think this clip was actually aired, as it would likely be outside the format, but it fits the topic of “making mistakes” in a beautiful […]

Facilitating a small group


If you would like to periodically talk through what’s happened (looking back) and keep a eye on where you’re going (looking forward), the following structure might be beneficial.

Mele Kalikimaka


100% Hawaiian for Merry Christmas, since at least 1904. How so? Christmas, but every consonant must be followed by a vowel, so: Carisimasa, but C is not a letter, so: Karisimasa, but R is not a letter, so: Kalisimasa, but S is not a letter, so: Kalikimaka.

Ungdom i Oppdrag


Ungdom i Oppdrag (ywam) er en organisasjon med apostolisk kall. Organisasjonen er ikke noe menighet og er heller ikke tenkt å være det. Noen tanker rundt det, etter et innlegg fra vår venn Raymond Billy som jobber ved YWAM Ships, Kona, Hawaii. Vi har vært så heldige å kunne jobbe i Ungdom i Oppdrag (UiO) […]

Versio DNS gotcha


Versio is cheap. And, considering the price, solidly reliable. There are a few things to remember when it comes to their control panel, and how they setup DNS, combined with their web / reseller packages. From the overview in the control panel, choose a domain. If DNS management is turned on,this is where the DNS […]

Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10: error 0x800c0006?


The famous Windows Movie Maker from back in the day (2012 actually) works brilliantly on Windows 10, even though it has been discontinued for some time now. There are a few details to be mindful of, if you want to install it. Windows Movie Maker is part of the Windows Essentials 2012 software package You […]

Quarantining the Van Vliet family.


Yes, six weeks ago the thought never ever crossed our mind, but yes: we are now in self-quarantine. We thought it would be great to document this so you can see for yourself that we mean business :-). We’ve archived this post under ‘Everyday life’; eventually we’ll see if that was overly optimistic. Stay safe […]

One YWAM medical DTS outreach team

Organizing a DTS outreach


A Discipleship Training School consists of a lecture phase (3 months) and an outreach phase (2+ months). It is truly is a school of the heart, rather than the mind, and by now most students have gained a lot of insight in who they are: that they are valuable, loved and belong. From that flows […]




Feedback helps to identify and resolve differences between what is understood and what was aimed for. It is easy to mistake it for criticism (which is ambiguous in nature as that can be understood to express disapproval based on perceived mistakes, or to be a judgment of both qualities and faults). Anyway, feedback is used […]

God Jul 2019

A merry, happy Christmas!


For to us a child is born, to us a son is given … and He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Aldiko - an ebook reader that understands .acsm files

A good e-reader for your Android or iPhone?


Are you looking for an e-book app that understands what an .acsm file is? Even allows you to read books without subscribing? Or are you just tired of Adobe’s Digital Edition app that looks so ancient it’s from before Android was even released?

Running and connecting to a local Minecraft server 1

Starting a local Minecraft server and connecting to it


Start Minecraft. You should see something like: Click on ‘Single player’. You should see something like: Select a world and click ‘Play Selected World’. Press Escape. You should see something like: Click ‘Open to LAN’. You should see something like: Click ‘Start LAN World’. You should see something like: Note the “Local game hosted on […]

Tuktuk,, changes were made



It has been quite a while since we posted here and truly a lot has happened. Most recent was us staffing the Medical DTS, a program at the University of the Nations, Hawaii, also known as YWAM Kona. We got to know the many students, enjoyed and were challenged by the various speakers, again, and […]


Declaration of a world-changer


TODAY, I will live honorably through my thoughts, actions and speech. I choose to be full of faith. I will serve before I demand, love instead of hate, and give before I take. TODAY, I choose to dedicate my life to prayer, and not only be a hearer, but also a doer of the word […]

Patriot Gearbox

Setting up a (very old) Patriot GearBox


Imagine you’re looking for a print serve thingy that will enable you to wirelessly print on your (very) affordable Samsung XPress M2026 printer (or any other printer that doesn’t do wifi connections). Imagine you come across a very cheap Patriot GearBox that can do all kinds of cool things, is the size of about two […]

Setting up Polycom IP331 to talk directly to Twilio


From this link: download the appropriate zip-file and unpack it; for me that meant the 3.3.5 combined ZIP-file. Get rid of the sound files and images as these will not be used by the Polycom IP331; if the phones already “speak” English, you can also remove the SoundPointIPLocalization folder. One day somebody likely will […]


Worship, parenting and church


When I want to worship, I need to sing. Others, I’ve noticed, may wave flags, dance, create paintings, etc. But I feel I need to sing and my body agrees and supports this: even when I don’t feel like singing but I do so anyway, my body responds in a positive way. But one shall […]


Your work is important. But “what” isn’t nearly as important as “how”.


When we get together to worship God, we are easily aware that we are not alone in that, and that easily results in a unified focus and a godly response to His greatness. Aka worship. We can also be aware of what other might think as we show emotions but this note is not about […]

Smiley face

Your friend is better than your idea of your friend


Faces are like keys. If you know a face, you know the person who owns that face. Seeing or just thinking of that person unlocks many of the things you know about that person: some of the good, some of the not so good… but always related to what you are going through or where […]


Poverty vs people in poverty


Some time ago I was in Chandigarh, India. I had a few days of meetings, just before Diwali: the feast of lights. It’s a bit like our Christmas, except of course it’s different. I also got to spend time with a fellow Ywammer, which was good.


To worship is to sing is to worship?


I don’t believe the saying “Show me your bookcase and I’ll know who you are” is actually true. Your book collection does show who you want to be. In some cases it’s also a display of your aspirations. Your music collection on the other hand? Definitely tells a lot about who you are.

Sharing - categories

Sharing is caring


Sharing is caring as the saying goes. Nifty ways to get small talk going can be found on more and more tables every day, and on a planetary scale this surely helps people create new relationships or add depth to existing ones.

Dropbox Logo (author=Dropbox)

List of files from DropBox


If you have a DropBox folder that you don’t synchronize to your own machines, for example when you have your backup routines send the files to DropBox only, you might run into a situation where it would be nice with an overview of what’s in that folder.

Van-Vliet Facebook group

Facebook-gruppe ( <- Norwegian title, I finally realized)


We’ve come to realize that we don’t have enough time to experience all we do, then process and talk through things together, correcting and giving feedback, and then to also word it all in a nice blog post for the world – and you! – to see, enjoy and participate. That’s somewhat sad, because in […]

Merry Christmas 2017 van Vliet-family

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. If we bumped into you this past year, we hope to meet you again in the coming. If we didn’t, we sure hope we will soon!

Krister and Bente

Blir du med til Hawaii?


Disse 2 herlige unger, som er 10 og 13, håper at noen har lyst å bli med oss til Hawaii i januar for å gjøre skolearbeid med dem, ha masse gøy, og selvfølgelig… spise shave-ice ;-) Vi skal ha 3 nye måneder på YWAM basen i Hawaii og skal være stab på Medical DTS. Disse […]

Feet that carry good tidings

From sandals to snow boots and back


      We got back in Norway just about a week ago. Some of the things we definitely had to adjust to again were: * time (we’re ready for bed around dinner time and up early – this doesn’t sound like us at all, I know!) * food (adjusting back from eating rice with […]

Picking fruit

The fruit is ripe, but we need a basket ;-)


As you probably know by now, we’re in Poipet, helping out at the YWAM base here. In the past 2 years the team here has built up a great base and lots of connections with neighbors and Khmer people all over the city. They have taught English, organised fun community nights, volunteered at the hospital, […]

How to treat “your” missionary


Those of you who know our family, know that we are so fortunate to still have our own company back home, so even though we’re are out travelling and volunteering in missions, we still have some income, which pays for what we do and a little extra to treat ourselves and our children. Even though […]

Jen and the Androids



Nobody operates in a vacuum. People have gone before you, and people will come after you. There is only one ‘first cause’ and so even inventors stand on the shoulders of us ‘lesser mortals’. This post is to thank people and it is also to ask. The case at hand? Stopping the brain drain, empowering […]

Pining for the Pine Trees

1 Kor. 13:13 – Kjærligheten


Men nå blir de stående disse tre: tro, håp og kjærlighet. Men størst blant dem er kjærligheten. Du har sikkert hørt denne teksten en gang. Den har blitt brukt, misbrukt, overbrukt og latt være å bli brukt. Idag fikk den en ny mening.

#peopleofpoipet Dany Ly

Dany Ly


This is Dany. She is the owner of a cozy coffee cafe just around the corner called “Dream Coffee”. She’s a neighbor who speaks English really well. She even understands Chinese – which is likely true, I will take her word for it.


Læringsstrategi: BISON


BISON er navnet på en kjent læringsstrategi som kjapt gir en oversikt over en ny tekst. BISON er et akronym og står for fem hovedelementer ved en tekst: Bilder – Innledning – Sluttdel – Overskrifter – Nøkkelbegreper. Læringsstrategien kan kombineres med andre, f.eks. et tankekart for overskriftene eller kolonnenotatet for nøkkelbegrepene.

Thai 100 Baht

Money, เงิน, លុយ


It’s sure funny, dealing with three kinds of currencies.

The neon lights of the casino district in Poipet, Cambodia

Jesus loves the little children


So we took at trip by night to check out the casino district of Poipet. It’s a colorful place, only partly because of all the neon light. Night markets are a thing in Cambodia and I am still not used to the concept. It’s an wide-eye-opener because it’s amazing. If you love this type of […]




There used to be a time where I said: a Facebook like isn’t worth anything much. But right now, while you are reading this, you could be supporting us. Not by much, but by a very very very tiny bit. But tiny bits add up, or as they say in Norway: mange bekker små…

The fun of crossing the Poipet border


Monday morning at 10am we were ready packed waiting for our taxi driver to bring us to Poipet. Unfortunately he was waiting by the wrong building further down the road, which we didn’t find out until around 11am, so it took a while before we were on our way to the border, but that time […]

Last day in Bangkok


Bounce bounce bounce Sunday was our last day in Bangkok and since it was unsure what the weather was going to do, we first had lunch again at the Terminal 21 shopping mall and ended up taking the sky train to Phrom Phong station, which is connected to the EmQuartier shopping mall where BounceInc, the […]

Big city life


  Our view by day and by night, what a blessing! We rented a small apartment through airbnb and just love love love the view and the location. We’re very close to the skytrain and a big mall with food court, and very close to our friend Mark’s hotel, so we could meet up with […]

The bum gun

The Bum Gun


Asia har bydd på mange nye opplevelser allerede for alle våre sanser. På godt og vondt pleier man vel si, men egentlig er det kun på godt sålangt. Vi oppdager sider av våre vaner som vi aldri ville tenkt på, men siden vi nå er i en annen omgivelse er det kjekt å se hva […]

Homo Slurpiens

Homo slurpians


Yes yes…. this western (no, not western as in cowboys and such, just… you know, from the west) family has now arrived in the east, the land of the homo SLURPians (in other words… noodles slurping Asians!). I’ve really looked forward to travelling to Asia, except from the prospect of going to have dinner out […]

The Van Vliet Family

Our next step…


Aloha from Hawai’i Many people have been waiting for this. We’re sorry it has taken a while and that your patience was tested, but we will now finally let the world know what next step God has put on our hearts. God bless!

DTS by the Pool, YWAM Ships

Outreach reveal


I love how much fun our ships base DTS’s make the reveal of the outreach teams! Here’s a little explanation about DTS and outreach. A  DTS (discipleship training school) consists of 2 phases: lecture phase and outreach phase. During lecture phase they have weekly topics to learn more about God, themselves, the Word, and to […]

Martin Luther King Jr.

Steps of faith


When God told us to go to Hawai’i, He didn’t say why and for how long, He only told us to go. As you all know: we went. We’ve been in Hawai’i, staffing with YWAM for more than 3 months now. A new DTS quarter has just started, which means 60+ new students to get […]

Happy Christmas & A Merry New Year


Seriously. We hope your Christmas time is a happy time. May you be merry throughout the entire 2017!

Merry Christmas


Excuses excuses… I surely could use some, for saying why I haven’t been updating this blog for quite a while…. but I won’t. Let’s just leave it with: finally another message from the van Vliet family! Since a few weeks, our 2 eldest kids are here as well! It’s so nice to have our family […]

The power of electrical power


Time is money, and money is power, and … etc. Fun to ponder when things won’t work.

Fail! Fail?


“Brother? Hey brother!” The woman calls me as I walk down Likana Lane. I hardly listen because I’m trying to find a parking spot for our car, and she’s clearly a person without a home – actually one without flipflops even.

How to reset a Polycom IP 330 phone to its factory settings


I am thinking that this blog post will be one of many. Pretty tech-stuff so not too interesting for most of y’all ya hear, but worth it’s proverbial weight in gold if you need to know how to reset a Polycom IP 330 or IP 331 phone.

Like a buddhist celebrating Christmas


That’s what – I think – I felt like a bit, these last days. This is the second time we celebrated Thanksgiving in the US of A, and the depth of the event is evading me. Thankfulness is a great thing – I had to go look for it, this last Thursday, and I found […]

A thing called a free lunch

So much..


Today was a day with meetings sharing vision for the Pacific islands, getting a virtual instance on Amazon AWS in shape for OpenVBX, helping out in the kitchen ánd serving homeless people at the yearly Thanksgiving luncheon that was organized here, getting unwilling printers in shape, saying “bye for now and see you in January” […]



A few days ago, the kids (both of them – but starting off with Bente) started having pain in their ears. I tried some home remedies to see if the pain would go away, but it didn’t help much unfortunately :-( We’re lucky to have a good neighbor who is a nurse and he offered […]

Family Fun Day


Last Saturday was Family Fun Day here at Port YWAM! And fun it was most definite!! Finally a picture blog, as we have so many fun pics of this day. Activities: Arts and Crafts, very serious business. There were coloring sheets, crayons, paper, scissors, stickers and on the other table craft sticks and glue to […]

Count your blessings, name them one by one..


Count your blessings, name them one by one Count your blessings, see what God has done This week hasn’t been the easiest, but in the midst of the challenges we have seen an amazing amount of blessings, and I also feel it was the best week so far! Our challenges mainly have to do with […]

Why we do what we do


Some of you might be wondering what we’re doing here in Hawaii. Some of you who maybe don’t know us that well might think we’re into surfing, like to swim with dolphins, want to get a tan or were just tired of working and needed a holiday in the sun :-) Some of you who […]

Haiti etter ‘Matthew’


Du har kanskje fått med deg noen nyheter om orkanen Matthew, men med så mange andre relevante saker på forsidene til VG og Dagbladet kan det godt ha gått hus forbi deg. For mange familier på Haiti gjorde orkanen ikke det.

Ironman and the hurting leg


Last weekend was the annual Ironman World Championship, right here in Kona Hawaii, with the start and finish right in front of our doorstep. The race started at 6.35, but the noise started way earlier, so the kids thought it had started and came to wake me up. People actually start lining up to watch […]

Getting settled in


Slowly we’re getting settled in and overcoming our jetlag. Last night was the first night we actually pretty much slept through the whole night. We went to bed around 9 (kids a bit earlier) and woke up at 5.30. Not bad, considering that this actually was daytime a few days ago :-) We’ve had a […]

Day 1 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


Day 1 is behind us and was quite the ride. We arrived in Kona at 6pm Sunday evening, Hawaiian time, which is 6am Monday morning back home in Norway. We left Schiphol Airport (Netherlands) at 10am Sunday morning, so it was a long travel. We were picked up at the airport and brought to our […]

Hawaii and YWAM Ships


Just had a short phone conversation with one of my very best friends. We obviously hadn’t met or talked for way too long – and Norwegian vacations easily add to that. Somehow we managed to not tell him – and perhaps you as well – that we’ll be going to Hawaii at the end of […]



Today is Friday! But still school aww, but guess what tomorrow no school yay! I have a song about Friday here it goes: Its Friday Friday everyone upp on Friday everybody is looking for another napkin partyi’n party’in hey party’in party’in hey everybody’s looking for another napkiiiiinnnnnah.

Colours for our VIPs


Just recently the Heart for Children Foundation Ghana has started to expand the daycare with a separate room for children with a disability. Since then, 3 children have been accepted, 2 girls (Blessing and Edna) and 1 boy (Isaac). 2 ladies (the mother of one of the girls, and the grandmother of the boy) take […]

How to play AJ


How to play Animal Jam. Tips: best on ipad or tablet. 1. First go on app store and install Animal Jam 2. Go play it when its done. 3. First u are a guest jammer 4. Make an account. 5. Design yourself how u want. 6. Make friends. 7. Buy a den that costs real […]

Nana (Nsuatrehene)


Ghana has both a government system and a chieftancy system. Solo has told us a lot about how the chieftancy system works and it’s really interesting. Most towns have their own chief. The chief, who is adressed as Nana – meaning grandfather – is chosen out of 1 of the royal families. The royal families […]



Last week we have visited a village called Adepena. We heard from Solo that the people of this village have been praying for clean water for years. They have asked Solo for possibilities to get a water pump many years ago, but Solo couldn’t promise anything. When our friends Bodil and Gabriel from Denmark were […]



HHeia, det e mandag hør man-dag haha. Så på fredag da flyttet jipp t Ålgård! Det betyr at de kanskje ligger ganske nærme oss, å  mamma sa at eg Kan besøke ham etter skole hvor tid eg vill! Eg savner ham kjempe mye. Men eg har ein geit her som e grå m svart stripe […]

En tidlig morgen


Hi memo, ‘Sighs’ I really want to play with the kids but…….. I cant its still 06:55 and I woke up at 06:04 I think and started to play with my kitten and her name is gonna be mittens isn’t that cute for a kitten huh? I like the name mittens I always did its […]



Hei…… jeg gidde ikkje å sei Heia mer…… det e fordi eg lekte med jentene på daycare men når jeg fant boby min baby kylling da tok jeg ham og da kom alle på daycare det e syyyykt mange og eg var i et tre m boby på fanget men eg gikk ut av treet […]

The swimming pool


Today me, my brother, mom, and my grandparents are gonna go to a HOTEL where it is a SWIMMING POOL and it is in GHANA! Im soo exited to go there. And the fiirst time we were there we just ate POPCORN! And we got an ice cream and we were swimming too!

The jam


Hi memo. Today the sun is shining bright. So it was a little disaster today, I had the jam and I didn’t hurry up so krister my brother tried to take the jam but I took it back and then I tried to give it to dad but then the bad thing happned……. The jam […]

The rooster story continues….


Once there was a rooster, he was the master of his flock of hens and had a good live in the little village of Aduonya. One day, some strange white people came to visit his village. He was just eating some corn and looked up to see what these strangers were up to. They seemed […]



Today, my father, Solo, Herbert and I visited Aduonya, a very small village about an hour drive from Nsoatre. Most trees along the road were burned down, so everything was black, but every now and then there was a little oasis of green. In rain season this is all rain forest and has a beautiful […]

My AJ friend


Hi memo today ill tell you little about my AJ friend.



Tuesday, february 2nd, Bodil, Gabriel, Eskil, Solo and I drove to Kwabenakuma, a little village which got clean drinking water and a clinic thanks to the Heart for Children foundation. Only a few years ago, this unreached village had no clean water. Many pregnant women died due to the lack of health care, also babies […]

Friday: AJ and MC


I have school today and I always need to write a blog on memo. And today its FRIDAY YAY. Tomorrow its no school at all YIPPY!!!! And after tomorrow its home chirch. And always when we are with our grandparents me and my brother Krister play together on the ipad cuz grandma has Samsung and […]

Best AJer eva


The Animal Jam story begins or adveture begins… Hi Diary memo today ill tell u about Animal Jam its gonna be very fun! Ok lets start up with me. The first time I played AJ then I saw peck! Oh and I designed myself and a while after I saw a guest jammer and I […]

Herbert’s and Maria’s Instagram feed


Here our latest Instagram moments. Every day life can contain adventure if you let it / look for it / want it. Does going places help? I don’t know… you’re already someplace right?

Saturday funday


Today the orphans were home all day, so lots of time to play. In the morning they first had to do some chores like sweeping floors, do laundry etc. Our kids helped Herbert water some of grandma and grandpa’s trees ;-) But the afternoon was funtime! Bente quickly learned how to say ‘faster’ and ‘slower’ in […]

Kids and ankaa


It’s so easy for our kids to find someone to play with, with the orphanage next door. The orphans like to hang out on our veranda, so whenever our kids set foot outside, there are kids to play with. The playground is right behind the orphanage and we often have board games on the veranda […]

Our home for the coming months


Already our second day here. The kids made new friends already, we met up with old friends again and we’ve been to Sunyani (closest city) for shopping some equipment, groceries etc. The house we’re living in is huge, it would fit at least 2 more families. This is our livingroom, Krister and I just played […]

First stop: Accra


We safely arrived in Ghana and are now at the Paloma hotel in Accra. The rooms are huuuge, we would all 10 fit in here if we wanted, but for now it’s just me and the 2 youngest while the others have other rooms. The flight has been turbulent, but good. Ofcourse we all watched tons […]



So, we’re all packed for our new adventure. Our eldest daughter was home with us tonight, and as it got later and closer to the point of her going back to her apartment, this ‘I don’t want to leave anymore ‘- feeling started to get stronger and stronger in me 😢 Seriously, I don’t want […]



So, visa x 5, quite the challenge so it seemed. The Ghanaian embassy seemed to be getting modern, having changed their system of applying for a visa from filling in a form by hand at the embassy, doing an interview and 3 days later going back and pick up the visa, to applying online (according […]

Happy New Year!


Dear friends and family, we wish you a blessed,  healthy and great 2016 full of love and joy!

Champignonstuing uten melk men med bacon og løk


Før jul snakket Krister og jeg om sjampinjongstuing. Jeg hadde tenkt å lage en sjampignonstuing rett etter julen men romjulen kom og gikk uten at det var noen som helst anledning. Så det ble dermed nedgradert til et nyttårsforsett.

Ghana: Safety first


We’ll go to Ghana for a while sometime soon, which means we all have to get our shots. Yellow fever, Hep A+B, Meningitis — scary diseases for sure, but physical health is paramount. It also triggered some thoughts about my virtual security. I go from a trusted environment to a not-so-trusted situation. I trust the […]

It’s Christmas time…


… and 2016 is around the corner, which means it’s not that long until our trip to Ghana! I just realized today that I might as well start packing, because we’re not using our summer clothes here anyway ;-) Hope you all had a nice, cosy and meaningful Christmas and wish you many blessings in […]

Oppskrift: Noodle Soup med Kylling


Det var en mørk og stormfull aften og jeg hadde lyst på Noodle soup with chicken. En rett som fyller godt og smaker godt, tenkte jeg. Alle ingredienser kom vel fra Rema eller lignende, sett bort fra sesamfrø-oljen, men den trenger man strengt tatt ikke – vanlig olje fungerer også godt.

Oppskrift: Focaccia


Tenker jeg på Focaccia (uansett skrivefeil) så tenker jeg på Evie Keller – som introduserte konseptet. Jeg har desverre aldri fått hennes oppskrift helt til; oppskriften var visstnok supperrask og superenkel.. Uansett: når man blar i oppskriftsbøker er det fort gjort å prøve seg, når man blir lokket av et bilde som f.eks. det til […]

Matlaging – noen regler


En av de beste kokebøkene jeg har “lest” er skrevet av Nigel Slater. Han er en forfatter som lager mat, og en kokk som skriver. Boken heter ‘Appetite‘, og han har noen avsnitt som jeg kunne ha skrevet selv. Bortsett fra at jeg ikke er like flink til å skrive – eller lage mat. Avsnittet […]



Today I ordered the vaccinations for the kids. Herbert and I already have everything needed, but the kids need the Yellow Feber, Hep A and B, and meningococ shots. It’s not going to be easy, because our teen Eskil has a severe needle fobia 😞 He still hasn’t had his normal shots all kids his […]



We have news :-) Last week we booked our tickets. We’re going to Ghana for 2 months and taking 3 of our 4 children with us! Whoohooo exited! Herbert and I have been in Ghana before, but for the kids it’s going to be a totally new experience. The main reason for us to choose to […]

Trust and love


We heard Bertie Brits the other day. He spoke about trust and shared a few very interesting things. I do a horrible job at remembering Trust Between the serpent speaking and Adam & Eve eating from the tree, there was loss of trust. I won’t distinguish between Adam and Eve (they were obviously in it […]

Sad vs angry


So here we were at the local supermarket. Maria and I had just paid for our stuff with our bank card and the guy at the counter laughed when I said out loud that the amount of 67,76 Euros was the same as our bank pin code. People do that; they laugh at silly jokes. Outside it rained […]

The longings of the heart


François Botes spoke (and sang) about the longings of the heart at Kristen Tjeneste last week. A very interesting topic. I’ll list the topics he mentioned here. You’ll have to lookup the verses and wrap your thoughts around it yourself, or you can download his message. Our hearts long for: Assurance of being enjoyed by […]

James 1


ISV: “From: James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus, the Messiah. To: The twelve tribes in the Dispersion. Greetings.” I didn’t get very far in James before my thoughts spread out far enough to stop and think them through. James is the half-brother of Jesus, which affects the meaning of “servant of”. […]

Jeg drar på ferie og tar med ..


Som regel tar jeg med for mye, men ikke denne gangen. Det er masse plass i Bingel Am sin ‪#‎barnehagebag‬ som er kjempeflott som reisebag. Det er lett å ha den på ryggen, f.eks. Så nå har jeg til og med plass til overs, og da kan jeg snike med meg noen smågaver til ungene! […]

Passion and Purpose


After a discussion with my friend this morning, I found my way to a website that kickstarted some thoughts about my passion – and purpose. It’s a bit much “me”-focused, but to identify my passion, that would seem to be necessary :-). The rough outcome of it, for now, is as follows. When my life […]

The power of repetition: a walk around the mountain


Driving to a new place usually takes more time than driving back. So many new impressions and your mind has a lot to work with. Repeating the same route will initially bring confirmations “I’ve seen this before”, and eventually you’ll get bored bored bored. To the point where you don’t remember anything of the entire […]

A blessed Christmas!


We celebrated Christmas 2013 in Palau, and it’s quite the contrast with this year’s celebration. Very different, on a number of levels. Since we got back to Norway, a few things have happened. In no particular order: Marthe finished 10th grade with an A+ in English and enjoys her new school and friends hugely Maria’s […]



Det arabiske tegnet for N, ن, blir brukt av IS i Irak/Syria-området for å markere hvem som er Nazarene – kristen. I Mosul er det nå ingen kristne, Yazidi, eller Shia-muslimer igjen. De har blitt henrettet eller har flyktet, til Qaraqosh eller Sinjar. Etter at også disse byene ble angrepet flyktet de til fjell-områdene rundt. […]

Angaur four


Hearing God’ voice In week 2 of our DTS in Kona, Donna Jordan taught about hearing God’s voice. It’s amazing when the infinite God who created the universe, also is the personal God who reaches out for me in love, and cares about me. Jesus talks about that in John 10. If you look for an […]

Angaur One


Angaur is a very very small place. In total, some 100 people live here, which means the population is declining very fast (january 2014). The island itself is a beautiful place, but after the last typhoon, two years ago, many trees were toppled, houses destroyed, and since then weeds have mostly taken over the place. […]

Angaur 2


We now have another pet. According to Matt it has approx. 36 hours of life left. At the most, he adds, but that is easy to find out. Time will tell. We will see, but it seems baby monkeys have a limited “use before” date. They’re pretty much the only kind of pet monkeys: the […]

Cockroaches the size of mice..


Disclaimer: This story is not for the faint hearted! Or at least.. well, you know, it’s fun anyway, so go ahead, but put your smily-glasses on! :-D

It’s a new day, a new year.


January first, 2014. A new year and we were among the first to experience it. Palau’s timezone is way ahead of Europe, and of Hawaii. Palauan local time 7 am meant it was still 2013 back home. Strange. Today, we were supposed to leave for a place called Choll, to pray over the land that […]

Palau Four: Thanks for the fish.


Today we’re having a day off with the family. We promised the kids a day with dolphins, that is to say: the sea creatures, and not The Dolphins TM. When planning to go out on a trip like that, or any trip with the sun out, make sure you bring water and plenty of it. […]

Palau Three: Christmas in Palau


After a full season with beautiful weather every day (thank you, state of Hawaii!), I anticipated Palau would offer even better weather, with an ocean breeze. Instead it offers rain. More rain. And more rain. And even more rain. Not entirely true, because today, when posting this post, it actually is ‘even better’. If you […]

Lederskapsstil, gruppedynamikk


Oppstarten her i Palau her ikke vist seg være veldig enkel. Såklart: endring er aldri lett, og krever tid. Jo mer brått og stor en endring er, jo vanskeligere. For meg fra vest Europa 2013 betyr faktisk ikke omstendighetene like mye som jeg ville forutsett, men vi har dusj (kald vann), vanlige toaletter som man […]

Palau One: Prison ministry


Palau has one prison with both male and female inmates. At the moment there is only one female inmate, which is vey difficult for her. The inmates have a ‘storyboard’ thing going on: a traditional way of storytelling where they carve images in wood, paint or oil that, and then sell those. It’s really well […]



Honolulu. Sunday, December 15th 2013. It’s 21.41 now, which means in just a few hours it will be December 16th. Nothing special. However, it’ll be December 17th in Palau by then. In just a few hours, too, we’ll be boarding a plane to Taiwan, and that’ll mean we get to cross over to Tomorrow. We’re […]

World view


Less than a month to go and things are still hugely interesting here. Not ‘even more so’, but on a different level. This week’s teaching is done by the amazing (drumroll…) Joseph Avakian. Yes, in a Christian environment it’s often not considered proper to call people for what they are (in both good and bad […]

Pains, Plumb line and Palau


Wow, only 1 month left and we’ll be on our way to our outreach in Palau. Crazy to think how fast our time here in Hawaii is flying by :-( Our last weeks have been packed with teaching, activities, but also illness unfortunately. Both Herbert, Marthe and I have been sick and I am in […]

Belief Tree


The Belief Tree is a simple model that identifies the unseen assumptions we operate with in our lives. Let’s see if I can get down the basics of it in 5 minutes WITH you remembering something useful about it (let me know if that worked, by the way). Soil: your worldview Basically: what is real […]

My Miracle Story


Are you ready to hear about the miracle God did in my life? OK… here’s my story (the long version ;-) ) : Yesterday, Oct 31st 2013, started out rough. Herbert and I had a little disagreement, really nothing big, but I felt that because of all the amazing blessings here, the small (not so […]

Parent-teacher meetings


Today we had the parent-teacher meetings at the Foundation School, the kids’ school. We had all 4 in a row, so ‘ran’ from 1 to another. Here are the teacher’s comments: Bente: Strong-willed (oh, really?), but sooooo funny. Very social, playing with all kids, above average smart, will probably be a great leader when she […]

Tippy Tap


Always something fun and practical going on with the guys from Today we looked at the procedure of how to create a tippy tap.Kr

The Rus Pump


Appropiate Technology. Simply water. If you – like me – just LOVE the fusion of high-knowledge and low-tech… then you’ll most likely LOVE this article about the Rus Pump.

Week 2 and 3


Wow, time is flying – and I don’t want it to, because I don’t want our time here to come to an end :-( We are now almost at the end of week 3. The first week was mainly about getting to know each other, and these 2 last weeks have been filled with teaching, […]



We’ve had our first week of school – and it was great! This first week was mainly about us students, who are we? Introduction week. We got to know our 60 fellow students quite a bit more, and they are a great bunch of people from ‘all over the place’ ;-) The kids also started […]

Aloha Ohana


It’s been a week since we arrived in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i. We have been welcomed by the staff, into our new Ohana (which means ‘family’). The Ohana is all students of our class and the staff and all kids that came with their parents. We spend every day together in class and often our kids as […]

Culture and conflicts


“People from the south of Norway can be really mean: they lie to you in your face and then laugh at you,” somebody said to explain the difficulty she had with understanding irony.

Big Bear Lake


Monday 16th we went on a trip to Big Bear Lake – for us (coming from Norway) the lake itself was not as interesting as the desert road leading to this lake and village. Following road 18 from Apple Valley to Big Bear Lake we saw some pretty nice views! The village and lake are […]

Route 66


Staying that close to route 66, we just HAD to drive part of it ofcourse :-) Today, 18th of September, we took a trip up north to Calico Ghost Town, following the route 66 up to Barstow. It took us about 1 hour. Driving with kids, we didn’t want to make it to long of […]

Turning Point


Sist lørdag besøkte vi en happening med fokus på dåp, hos Turning Point Church i Victorville. Mye musikalsk talent, mye is, og mange (65!) som ble døpt.

En dag i California


Idag har vært en fin dag. Vi har badet i bassenget, sett litt tv, lekt med hunden, slappet av og spist is. Jeg fikk også være litt på Skype med noen av vennene mine, men det var ikke alt for lenge for det er en veldig stor tidsforskjell mellom Norge og California. Et lite stykke […]



Hello world! As some people maybe know, we are in California right now, and if you didn’t, then you know now! We came tuesday, and we are staying here about two weeks. I was very fancied by the size of things here, as it’s the first time! Everything is so huge!! Except the box of […]

Caninus Nervous Rex – aka Overconfidentii Vulgaris


Spoiler alert! Coyotes win, rabbits loose.

Jet lag


‘All the physical inconveniences with your body responding to the later timezone can be circumvented,’ they said, ‘by taking a later plane’. If it only were that easy :-).

A thing called a free lunch

Food for thought for foodies..


For mye poteter og ris går fint. For mye pasta ikke. Frosne erter er gode å ha i fryseboksen. Det er smart å ha litt pasta, parmesan og olivenolje i et skap. Laks med hvit vin er en måltid. Vinflasken er ikke en utfordring; korken kan gjenbrukes. Lag gjerne massevis av dine egne dressing, pesto […]

GMT – Ghanaian Maybe Time


1. In Ghana people need to have a warm meal 3 times a day, because they work harder. 2. Eating chicken bones is healthy for you, it gives your body calcium which makes you stronger. 3. A good friend has heart problems and difficulty breathing sometimes. After some scans, and (luckily) not being able to […]

Visit to a cacao plantation


Thursday July 14th – a trip to a plantation. Since Herbert is in the coffee- and cacao business, it is very interesting to talk to the workers at the cacao plantation, see the process and take some pictures. Through a very muddy bush road we arrived in the center of the plantation where the 10 […]

July 3rd, our first whole day in Nsoatre.


A quiet day, or so we thought. Sunday. No specific plans, just ‘hanging out’ on our veranda, playing with the kids, reading a bit… But Sunday in Ghana means church, and church means SOUNDCHECK at 7am :-) Since our house is right next to the church, we can ‘enjoy’ church without even being there. Soundcheck, […]

On the road


Friday July 1st at 8pm we arrive at the airport in Accra, Ghana. We pass the waiting crowd and look forward to get out of the warm airport and into the fresh air. That was before we looked up and realized we already were outside!! The air at the south coast of Ghana is very […]

Stress & Bless


A dutch expression for someone stressing too much is a «stresskip» – translated: «stress chicken». A good example is…. me! I stress to much, because I often want to keep controll, organize everything and get everything right. Making my life much more difficult than it has to be, but that’s just the way I am. […]

Some Bente things ;-)


Here’s some funny things Bente has been saying lately. Translated from what she said in Norwegian: “Mom! Krister just hit me!” “Did he now? Well that is not nice. Did he do that on purpose?” (which in Norwegian would be WITH purpose) “No, with his hands!” :-) While driving home, Bente points out the window […]

London monopoly tour :-)


Together with some of my friends, I have been visiting London. No husbands, no kids, just a couple of days with the girls! We had a great time together! Some of the highlights: Musical “We will rock you”, afternoon tea @ the Savoy, nice lunches and dinners together, picnic in Hyde Park and shopping @ […]

Passports, palace, train, hotel, park, shopping and stuff


That basically sums up our 3 day trip to Oslo this week! For our new Dutch passports, we needed to travel to the embassy in Oslo… yep, whole family! Since last year, they can’t ‘do’ passports anymore @ the consulates around the country, so all Dutch people all over Norway (and Iceland actually) have to […]

God’s birthday


Krister (6) came home from school announcing that it was God’s birthday! ‘Everybody’ had their flags out, so obviously there was some kind of party going on in Norway :-) In school, the teacher had told the kids that the reason for flags out today was because it was the king’s birthday. She didn’t say: […]

I seriously need to teach this girl some manners…


A few days ago Bente was outside in the garden playing and when oma and opa (grandma and grandpa) walked out in the garden, Bente ‘kindly’ told them to get lost (!!!!) For the dutch people, I have to tell this in dutch as well, because what Bente said to oma & opa was: “jullie, […]

Wrong answer!


Bente: “Daddy, can I have an ice cream?” Dad: “No darling, we’re not going to have ice cream now.” Bente: “Wrong answer daddy, you have to say YES!”

Jesus and the stolen cup


Yesterday Krister suddenly asked me: “Mom, when is Jesus coming back?” “Ehm… I don’t know darling. Why? Do you want Him to?” Krister: “Yes, we should give Him a call”. I then told him that he could talk to Jesus if he wants to, it’s called praying :-) The stolen cup is a different story: […]



Our home phone handset is often out of battery (it’s getting old, doesn’t charge properly, we need a new one) and when it doesn’t have enough power, it starts ‘ticking’. One day when it did, Eskil commented: “The phone thinks it’s a clock” :-))

Kids conversation


Between Krister (5 yo) and Bente (2 yo) Krister: “Bente, you are naked and silly!” Bente: “Noooo… I’m not naked!”

Queen Beatrix visiting Norway


The 2nd of June, during her 3 day visit to Norway, queen Beatrix of the Netherlands held a reception in Oslo for Dutch people living in Norway. Herbert and I were amongst the 300 Dutch people that were invited. Since my parents were visiting and said they could babysit, we decided to go to Oslo […]

Sounds like…


I was just going to make Krister a sandwich and asked (while I was in the kitchen and he in the livingroom) what he wanted on his sandwich. I didn’t hear any answer, so I walked into the livingroom and said: “Krister, what do you want on your sandwich?”, his reply was: “FISH… how often […]

Freeport Bahamas


We have arrived safely in Freeport, Bahamas. We just haven’t had an internet connection until now, so that’s the reason for not having updated my blog. About Freeport…. well… it’s a harbour faaaaaaaar away from city, beach, shops or anything else. It’s just harbour with lots of containers and other ships. Quite boring actually. Since […]

Eskil on the beach



Me var i et aquarium og så fikk me vite litt om Bermuda og me så skilpadder i aquariumet, så så me en kengeru-unge med mora og så så me flamingo og de kranglet. Me så 4 kjempestore skilpadder. Idag skal me øve på å ta på redningsvest og gå i båtene.

Logos2 - El Capitano

Reise over sjøen


Vi var på stranden igår og koste oss veldig. Det var litt kaldt vann, men det gikk bra. Idag skal vi reise over sjøen til Freeport Bahamas og kl11.30 må vi øve på å ha på redningsvest og gå i båtene. Jeg gleder meg litt og gruer meg litt. Jeg gruer meg fordi vi skal […]

Familien van Vliet

Update Hamilton


After have been here for a couple of days, we’re starting to get used to life on board. The kids know their way around now, so we don’t have to be afraid they really get lost ;-) Marthe and I have already been working in the Book Fair, which was really nice to do. I’ve […]

Hamilton – Bermuda


Dear friends and family, We arrived safely in Bermuda! Yesterday, thursday, we left from Schiphol airport in Holland to London Gatwick. Our plane was supposed to leave at 11.55, but left finally at about 13.30. Arrival in London around 13.30 local time ;-) (around 1 hour flight to London). Our plane to Bermuda left at […]

Logos II – our story


How did we get the idea of packing up all our stuff and do volunteer work on board a ship for 4 months with 4 kids age 0-10?? Most people think we’re crazy, we think we’re just blessed getting this oppurtunity! :-) Herbert is a board member of OM Norge, the Norwegian department of OM […]