Jet lag

‘All the physical inconveniences with your body responding to the later timezone can be circumvented,’ they said, ‘by taking a later plane’.
If it only were that easy :-).

But it’s not just the sleep, though that was what I was anticipating most. Turns out my stomach knows how to communicate it’s needs very well, and – considering the local time – at odd hours.

EZ Car Rental LAIt’s been two days since our flight now and the family is slowly adjusting. We rented a car at EZ rent (without any ‘THIS IS A RENTAL’ stickers – for safety, apparantly), drove to our friends Steven and Leslie in Victorville and crashed.

At the moment it’s 17.19 local time, meaning 2.19 European time. Not exactly boring, but yes: Yawn!

Some tips to beat jet lagging:

  1. Say yes to lots of water.
  2. Say no to alcohol, caffeine.
  3. Set your mind and clocks to your destination time.
  4. Get some sleep on the plane (say yes to: earplugs, nightcaps).
  5. Say yes to sources of melatonin such as walnuts, cherries, tomatoes if you are supposed to sleep.
  6. Say yes to lavendar to calm your body.
  7. Say yes to rosemary (or mint) if you are supposed to be awake.