Best AJer eva

The Animal Jam story begins or adveture begins…

Hi Diary memo today ill tell u about Animal Jam its gonna be very fun!

Ok lets start up with me. The first time I played AJ then I saw peck! Oh and I designed myself and a while after I saw a guest jammer and I had an account ¬†and she was beautiful and I wanted to be her buddy butt I couldn’t cuz she was a guest jammer and I dreesed up just like her. And iv’e always changed my skin butt 1 day I saw my twins they were just like me. And 1 of them were a guest jammer butt she sead she had an account butt I was a friend of my other twins. And now I look Soo cute as a bunny rabbit. Im white with black splash on me and a flower crown and explorer slippers. And I think a purple heart back pack or pink cupid wings. And im soon gonna buy a princess castle for my house and im gonna have a kindergarten or a hotel in it and yeah so now I realllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy want money for it. I want to do it now. Or im gonna have an orphanige in my house and imma gonna throw a party at my den!

I’ll be the most popular jammer eva!! Read the how to play Animal Jam.