Today is Friday! But still school aww, but guess what tomorrow no school yay! I have a song about Friday here it goes: Its Friday Friday everyone upp on Friday everybody is looking for another napkin partyi’n party’in hey party’in party’in hey everybody’s looking for another napkiiiiinnnnnah.

Colours for our VIPs


Just recently the Heart for Children Foundation Ghana has started to expand the daycare with a separate room for children with a disability. Since then, 3 children have been accepted, 2 girls (Blessing and Edna) and 1 boy (Isaac). 2 ladies (the mother of one of the girls, and the grandmother of the boy) take […]

How to play AJ


How to play Animal Jam. Tips: best on ipad or tablet. 1. First go on app store and install Animal Jam 2. Go play it when its done. 3. First u are a guest jammer 4. Make an account. 5. Design yourself how u want. 6. Make friends. 7. Buy a den that costs real […]

Nana (Nsuatrehene)


Ghana has both a government system and a chieftancy system. Solo has told us a lot about how the chieftancy system works and it’s really interesting. Most towns have their own chief. The chief, who is adressed as Nana – meaning grandfather – is chosen out of 1 of the royal families. The royal families […]



Last week we have visited a village called Adepena. We heard from Solo that the people of this village have been praying for clean water for years. They have asked Solo for possibilities to get a water pump many years ago, but Solo couldn’t promise anything. When our friends Bodil and Gabriel from Denmark were […]



HHeia, det e mandag hør man-dag haha. Så på fredag da flyttet jipp t Ålgård! Det betyr at de kanskje ligger ganske nærme oss, å  mamma sa at eg Kan besøke ham etter skole hvor tid eg vill! Eg savner ham kjempe mye. Men eg har ein geit her som e grå m svart stripe […]

En tidlig morgen


Hi memo, ‘Sighs’ I really want to play with the kids but…….. I cant its still 06:55 and I woke up at 06:04 I think and started to play with my kitten and her name is gonna be mittens isn’t that cute for a kitten huh? I like the name mittens I always did its […]



Hei…… jeg gidde ikkje å sei Heia mer…… det e fordi eg lekte med jentene på daycare men når jeg fant boby min baby kylling da tok jeg ham og da kom alle på daycare det e syyyykt mange og eg var i et tre m boby på fanget men eg gikk ut av treet […]

The swimming pool


Today me, my brother, mom, and my grandparents are gonna go to a HOTEL where it is a SWIMMING POOL and it is in GHANA! Im soo exited to go there. And the fiirst time we were there we just ate POPCORN! And we got an ice cream and we were swimming too!

The jam


Hi memo. Today the sun is shining bright. So it was a little disaster today, I had the jam and I didn’t hurry up so krister my brother tried to take the jam but I took it back and then I tried to give it to dad but then the bad thing happned……. The jam […]

The rooster story continues….


Once there was a rooster, he was the master of his flock of hens and had a good live in the little village of Aduonya. One day, some strange white people came to visit his village. He was just eating some corn and looked up to see what these strangers were up to. They seemed […]



Today, my father, Solo, Herbert and I visited Aduonya, a very small village about an hour drive from Nsoatre. Most trees along the road were burned down, so everything was black, but every now and then there was a little oasis of green. In rain season this is all rain forest and has a beautiful […]

My AJ friend


Hi memo today ill tell you little about my AJ friend.



Tuesday, february 2nd, Bodil, Gabriel, Eskil, Solo and I drove to Kwabenakuma, a little village which got clean drinking water and a clinic thanks to the Heart for Children foundation. Only a few years ago, this unreached village had no clean water. Many pregnant women died due to the lack of health care, also babies […]

Friday: AJ and MC


I have school today and I always need to write a blog on memo. And today its FRIDAY YAY. Tomorrow its no school at all YIPPY!!!! And after tomorrow its home chirch. And always when we are with our grandparents me and my brother Krister play together on the ipad cuz grandma has Samsung and […]

Best AJer eva


The Animal Jam story begins or adveture begins… Hi Diary memo today ill tell u about Animal Jam its gonna be very fun! Ok lets start up with me. The first time I played AJ then I saw peck! Oh and I designed myself and a while after I saw a guest jammer and I […]

Saturday funday


Today the orphans were home all day, so lots of time to play. In the morning they first had to do some chores like sweeping floors, do laundry etc. Our kids helped Herbert water some of grandma and grandpa’s trees ;-) But the afternoon was funtime! Bente quickly learned how to say ‘faster’ and ‘slower’ in […]

Kids and ankaa


It’s so easy for our kids to find someone to play with, with the orphanage next door. The orphans like to hang out on our veranda, so whenever our kids set foot outside, there are kids to play with. The playground is right behind the orphanage and we often have board games on the veranda […]

Our home for the coming months


Already our second day here. The kids made new friends already, we met up with old friends again and we’ve been to Sunyani (closest city) for shopping some equipment, groceries etc. The house we’re living in is huge, it would fit at least 2 more families. This is our livingroom, Krister and I just played […]

First stop: Accra


We safely arrived in Ghana and are now at the Paloma hotel in Accra. The rooms are huuuge, we would all 10 fit in here if we wanted, but for now it’s just me and the 2 youngest while the others have other rooms. The flight has been turbulent, but good. Ofcourse we all watched tons […]



So, we’re all packed for our new adventure. Our eldest daughter was home with us tonight, and as it got later and closer to the point of her going back to her apartment, this ‘I don’t want to leave anymore ‘- feeling started to get stronger and stronger in me 😢 Seriously, I don’t want […]



So, visa x 5, quite the challenge so it seemed. The Ghanaian embassy seemed to be getting modern, having changed their system of applying for a visa from filling in a form by hand at the embassy, doing an interview and 3 days later going back and pick up the visa, to applying online (according […]

Ghana: Safety first


We’ll go to Ghana for a while sometime soon, which means we all have to get our shots. Yellow fever, Hep A+B, Meningitis — scary diseases for sure, but physical health is paramount. It also triggered some thoughts about my virtual security. I go from a trusted environment to a not-so-trusted situation. I trust the […]

It’s Christmas time…


… and 2016 is around the corner, which means it’s not that long until our trip to Ghana! I just realized today that I might as well start packing, because we’re not using our summer clothes here anyway ;-) Hope you all had a nice, cosy and meaningful Christmas and wish you many blessings in […]



Today I ordered the vaccinations for the kids. Herbert and I already have everything needed, but the kids need the Yellow Feber, Hep A and B, and meningococ shots. It’s not going to be easy, because our teen Eskil has a severe needle fobia 😞 He still hasn’t had his normal shots all kids his […]



We have news :-) Last week we booked our tickets. We’re going to Ghana for 2 months and taking 3 of our 4 children with us! Whoohooo exited! Herbert and I have been in Ghana before, but for the kids it’s going to be a totally new experience. The main reason for us to choose to […]