En tidlig morgen

Hi memo, ‘Sighs’ I really want to play with the kids but…….. I cant its still 06:55 and I woke up at 06:04 I think and started to play with my kitten and her name is gonna be mittens isn’t that cute for a kitten huh? I like the name mittens I always did its a very cute name.

And now im sitting on a chair the good chair. Mamma Mia this is luxus I mean of course paredise. Plz read about my Animal Jam story in AJ we dont say you but we say u and we dont say are we say r and we dont say please we say plz and we dont say thanks we say thx, cool right? And we dont say what so often but we say wut. So plz install Animal Jam, its best on an ipad or a tablet.