Facilitating a small group

If you would like to periodically talk through what’s happened (looking back) and keep a eye on where you’re going (looking forward), the following structure might be beneficial.

What were you most affected by last week?
What’s on your mind?
In what area does the Holy Spirit want you to grow?
In what area do you want change yourself?

What does God say about this change?
What is the best thing that could happen?
Do you have any examples or anyone who can help you?
Are there other possibilities?

So of all the possibilities: what does God point to?
How do you get started?
Who can you include?

What are you specifically challenged about?
Is there something missing?
What can happen to lose focus on this?
Are there goals you can set for yourself to stay on track?
Is there anything specific you need to succeed?

What are you going to do and when?
What are the consequences of doing so?
How do you want me to help you with this?