GMT – Ghanaian Maybe Time

1. In Ghana people need to have a warm meal 3 times a day, because they work harder.

2. Eating chicken bones is healthy for you, it gives your body calcium which makes you stronger.

3. A good friend has heart problems and difficulty breathing sometimes. After some scans, and (luckily) not being able to find any heart problem, his doctor gave him:

  • a neck brace
  • pills to clean his kidney
  • pills to clean his body
  • pills for his brain

4. When we handed out clothes in the village, some people were obviously not happy with what they got (even though it was the right size) and very verbally communicated what they wanted and instructed us to get this for them. When we, somewhat puzzled, looked at our Ghanaian cleaning lady Lucy, she told us that “that is just how we are”, leaving us even more puzzled. She told us she didn’t like that either, but people tend to become jealous quickly, which was why they act that way.