GMT – Ghanaian Maybe Time


1. In Ghana people need to have a warm meal 3 times a day, because they work harder. 2. Eating chicken bones is healthy for you, it gives your body calcium which makes you stronger. 3. A good friend has heart problems and difficulty breathing sometimes. After some scans, and (luckily) not being able to […]

Visit to a cacao plantation


Thursday July 14th – a trip to a plantation. Since Herbert is in the coffee- and cacao business, it is very interesting to talk to the workers at the cacao plantation, see the process and take some pictures. Through a very muddy bush road we arrived in the center of the plantation where the 10 […]

July 3rd, our first whole day in Nsoatre.


A quiet day, or so we thought. Sunday. No specific plans, just ‘hanging out’ on our veranda, playing with the kids, reading a bit… But Sunday in Ghana means church, and church means SOUNDCHECK at 7am :-) Since our house is right next to the church, we can ‘enjoy’ church without even being there. Soundcheck, […]

On the road


Friday July 1st at 8pm we arrive at the airport in Accra, Ghana. We pass the waiting crowd and look forward to get out of the warm airport and into the fresh air. That was before we looked up and realized we already were outside!! The air at the south coast of Ghana is very […]

Stress & Bless


A dutch expression for someone stressing too much is a «stresskip» – translated: «stress chicken». A good example is…. me! I stress to much, because I often want to keep controll, organize everything and get everything right. Making my life much more difficult than it has to be, but that’s just the way I am. […]