How to reset a Polycom IP 330 phone to its factory settings

I am thinking that this blog post will be one of many. Pretty tech-stuff so not too interesting for most of y’all ya hear, but worth it’s proverbial weight in gold if you need to know how to reset a Polycom IP 330 or IP 331 phone.

Polycom IP 330To reset a Polycom phone when the admin password is something else than 456, you would:

  1. (re)start the Polycom IP 330 phone
  2. before it boots, press 1+3+5+7 keys and hold
  3. when it asks for a password, type in the MAC address on the backside

And that’s all that’s to it. Upon rebooting you will be able to use the default password / passcode of 456 to access the setup menu.