Unifi Access Point AC v2


The old UAP ACv2’s have reached End Of Life some time ago. However you can expect them to run just fine for a while longer. They will keep on functioning just fine alongside any newer equipment you might have, so if you’re running on a low or no budget setup, the information in this post […]

Netgear WNDR4300v1 as wireless bridge


Not enough time, but: 1. Get DD-WRT on it. 2. Do this: SETUP WAN: Disabled Local IP: statisk Gateway / Local DNS: IP of main router Assign WAN to switch: yup WIRELESS Client Bridge (Routed) Default GW: Manual Gateway: IP of main router SSID: As main router WIRELESS SECURITY Same as for main router SECURITY […]

Kodi, Kore, NAS


This is not some strange mantra, but some “nerd”-setup where a NAS (Network Attached Storage) provides MP3 files to Kodi (an Open Source Home Theater manager) which runs on an old Jelly Bean Android (mobile phone); Kodi is then controlled through Kore (Kodi Remote app) on my current mobile phone (a less old Android 5 […]

Versio DNS gotcha


Versio is cheap. And, considering the price, solidly reliable. There are a few things to remember when it comes to their control panel, and how they setup DNS, combined with their web / reseller packages. From the overview in the control panel, choose a domain. If DNS management is turned on,this is where the DNS […]

Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10: error 0x800c0006?


The famous Windows Movie Maker from back in the day (2012 actually) works brilliantly on Windows 10, even though it has been discontinued for some time now. There are a few details to be mindful of, if you want to install it. Windows Movie Maker is part of the Windows Essentials 2012 software package You […]

Aldiko - an ebook reader that understands .acsm files

A good e-reader for your Android or iPhone?


Are you looking for an e-book app that understands what an .acsm file is? Even allows you to read books without subscribing? Or are you just tired of Adobe’s Digital Edition app that looks so ancient it’s from before Android was even released?

Running and connecting to a local Minecraft server 1

Starting a local Minecraft server and connecting to it


Start Minecraft. You should see something like: Click on ‘Single player’. You should see something like: Select a world and click ‘Play Selected World’. Press Escape. You should see something like: Click ‘Open to LAN’. You should see something like: Click ‘Start LAN World’. You should see something like: Note the “Local game hosted on […]

Patriot Gearbox

Setting up a (very old) Patriot GearBox


Imagine you’re looking for a print serve thingy that will enable you to wirelessly print on your (very) affordable Samsung XPress M2026 printer (or any other printer that doesn’t do wifi connections). Imagine you come across a very cheap Patriot GearBox that can do all kinds of cool things, is the size of about two […]

Setting up Polycom IP331 to talk directly to Twilio


From this link: http://downloads.polycom.com/voice/voip/sip_sw_releases_matrix.html download the appropriate zip-file and unpack it; for me that meant the 3.3.5 combined ZIP-file. Get rid of the sound files and images as these will not be used by the Polycom IP331; if the phones already “speak” English, you can also remove the SoundPointIPLocalization folder. One day somebody likely will […]

Dropbox Logo (author=Dropbox)

List of files from DropBox


If you have a DropBox folder that you don’t synchronize to your own machines, for example when you have your backup routines send the files to DropBox only, you might run into a situation where it would be nice with an overview of what’s in that folder.

Jen and the Androids



Nobody operates in a vacuum. People have gone before you, and people will come after you. There is only one ‘first cause’ and so even inventors stand on the shoulders of us ‘lesser mortals’. This post is to thank people and it is also to ask. The case at hand? Stopping the brain drain, empowering […]


Læringsstrategi: BISON


BISON er navnet på en kjent læringsstrategi som kjapt gir en oversikt over en ny tekst. BISON er et akronym og står for fem hovedelementer ved en tekst: Bilder – Innledning – Sluttdel – Overskrifter – Nøkkelbegreper. Læringsstrategien kan kombineres med andre, f.eks. et tankekart for overskriftene eller kolonnenotatet for nøkkelbegrepene.




There used to be a time where I said: a Facebook like isn’t worth anything much. But right now, while you are reading this, you could be supporting us. Not by much, but by a very very very tiny bit. But tiny bits add up, or as they say in Norway: mange bekker små…

The power of electrical power


Time is money, and money is power, and … etc. Fun to ponder when things won’t work.

How to reset a Polycom IP 330 phone to its factory settings


I am thinking that this blog post will be one of many. Pretty tech-stuff so not too interesting for most of y’all ya hear, but worth it’s proverbial weight in gold if you need to know how to reset a Polycom IP 330 or IP 331 phone.