London monopoly tour :-)

Together with some of my friends, I have been visiting London. No husbands, no kids, just a couple of days with the girls!

We had a great time together! Some of the highlights: Musical “We will rock you”, afternoon tea @ the Savoy, nice lunches and dinners together, picnic in Hyde Park and shopping @ Covent Garden and Camden Marked.

On my own, I did a small monopoly tour ;-) Next time I go to London (which will be in June, with our choir) I plan on doing a real monopoly tour, don’t ask me why, just thought it seems fun.. hehe.

Some of the pics for now:

We did the tourist bus tour, which was really nice! We were lucky to sit at the top, so we got a great view.
Of course I had to take a picture of myself in the bus when we drove past this glas building ;-)

Some of my friends thought this sign actually was ment to be like this, because I’d mean something like “not allowed to drive in because of street work”, but I really think someone just had fun with their graffiti spray!

Some famous sights:
* Tower Bridge
* London Eye
* Big Ben
* Westminster Abbey
* Westminster Palace / Houses of Parlement
* Buckingham Palace

And then, the monopoly mini tour: starting at Pall Mall East, and continuing into Pall Mall with a (small?) castle.

If you already own the street, why not get yourself a house while you’re at it, like this one …
100 Piccadilly, nice address, do-able in Monopoly, but wonder what this will cost in real life!

Or, you go to Park Lane… and build a hotel, definately expensive to pass in Monopoly :-)

Taken from Euston Road (a 2 minute walk from our hotel), the King’s Cross station, what a beautiful building on the outside!! Didn’t take any pictures on the inside, since I didn’t find it interesting. After returning home I found out that this is the station Harry Potter entered platform 9 3/4. Ah well… I’m not a Potter fan at all, so do I care… not really :-)

Trafalgar Square: With his head in the clouds (almost) we’ve got Admiral Nelson (1758-1805) Statue made after his victory in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Also to be seen on the same square is Charles I. Hard to see on the picture, but this guy is really small, and so is his horses head! According to our guide, the sculpture of this statue made the horse’s head a bit out of proportion (smaller than it actually is) on purpose, maybe because Charles himself was slightly a bit out of proportion as well? ;-)

Other than that, I’ve been wandering around Leicester Square a couple of times, but no pictures.

Planned a shopping trip to Oxford street, but didn’t get the time to do it, because my feet hurt so much I rather stayed in Hyde Park.

London is a great city to be hanging out as a tourist!! I absolutely don’t mind going back already in June, and since my darling daughter Marthe and I are planning a city trip sometime this year, I’d actually don’t mind going to London AGAIN :-)