Palau Three: Christmas in Palau

After a full season with beautiful weather every day (thank you, state of Hawaii!), I anticipated Palau would offer even better weather, with an ocean breeze. Instead it offers rain. More rain. And more rain. And even more rain.
Not entirely true, because today, when posting this post, it actually is ‘even better’. If you keep to the shade or in close vicinity of your A/C unit. It’s very warm. And yes, with an ocean breeze!
But, back to the nagging about rain ;-)

On Palau, we buy our drinking water cause tap water needs to be boiled before it can be consumed, but we’ve tested catching rain water to drink that instead. The amount of rain water available would definitely supply more than enough drinking water. If it proves of good quality – and why not: it rains A LOT, so even the air is washed. A dollar saved is a dollar saved.

With so many rains, so you see lots of temporal and permanent roof-structures, usually in various states of decay.
A few days back, we set out to explore some of the area – mostly to look for an ok internet connection combined with a pool of some sort, and reasonably priced meals.
We run into our local contact here, Fuana, who arranges a school bus for us. Even though Palau truly is a small place, it would take some time for the bus to arrive, so she directed us to one of the roofs to sit under. The wondering why quickly passed as soon as the first drops start to fall. It evidently does so inevitably and, invariably, often.

Yes, Palau’s nature is beautiful, but it seems it is not always easy to distinguish sub-sea from land.