Passion and Purpose

Find your PassionAfter a discussion with my friend this morning, I found my way to a website that kickstarted some thoughts about my passion – and purpose. It’s a bit much “me”-focused, but to identify my passion, that would seem to be necessary :-). The rough outcome of it, for now, is as follows.

When my life is ideal…
I am aware that God loves me, accepts me, enjoys himself when He thinks of me (spiritual),
I am enjoying and growing in a relationship with Maria and my family (partner and family),
I can help those around me to realize who they are and what their purpose is (teaching),
I am surrounded by young people of various cultures in an international setting (community),
I can help people focus on what they are good at, on their business model and can connect them (business),
I can do the things I want to do when I want to do them (freedom),
I find joy in music and worship songs (arts),
I can travel the world from time to time, meeting new people (travel),
I am able to understand the needs of others (awareness),
I can serve others with what I do best (service),
I am surrounded by people that keep me challenged (intellect),
I think there is no box (creativity),
I have a sense of understanding things and people around me (connection).

When I talked to Maria on Skype (she’s in the Netherlands doing a course with YWAM Amsterdam “Destiny by Design”), I expected that she would talk about tools and teachings about counceling. Instead she was working with questions about her own dreams, such as:
* as a child, what kind of games did you like to play
* what were your pretend games about
* what would you do if there was no restrictions on money, time etc
* what has been holding you back from realizing your dreams
* how does your dream fit in God’s dream
* what do you see to be the difference between career and calling

It seems the thoughts we work on overlap :-)

Update: I’ve given the questions she mentioned some thought and I remember that back in the day, my brothers and I spent a lot of time building with lego, as well as working on our “cabin” in our back yard. But when the home computer became available, that was where I was spending most of my time; playing games at first, and later writing programs. The term “writing programs” really is synonym with “creating”.

My challenge then and now is that when the program is created, I am done. I can’t find any necessity in my heart to share it with anyone – my head may realize this when it considers the content of my wallet, but head-knowledge is very different from the heart-desires :-)