Prayer and trust


Speaking with the one who created us, who also redeemed us, saved us, and guides us if we let him, that builds our relationship: me with Him and He with me. That speaking has many sides – we talked about worship, praise and thanksgiving on one side, and supplication, petitioning and intercession on another side. […]

Ungdom i Oppdrag


Ungdom i Oppdrag (ywam) er en organisasjon med apostolisk kall. Organisasjonen er ikke noe menighet og er heller ikke tenkt å være det. Noen tanker rundt det, etter et innlegg fra vår venn Raymond Billy som jobber ved YWAM Ships, Kona, Hawaii. Vi har vært så heldige å kunne jobbe i Ungdom i Oppdrag (UiO) […]

Smiley face

Your friend is better than your idea of your friend


Faces are like keys. If you know a face, you know the person who owns that face. Seeing or just thinking of that person unlocks many of the things you know about that person: some of the good, some of the not so good… but always related to what you are going through or where […]

Trust and love


We heard Bertie Brits the other day. He spoke about trust and shared a few very interesting things. I do a horrible job at remembering Trust Between the serpent speaking and Adam & Eve eating from the tree, there was loss of trust. I won’t distinguish between Adam and Eve (they were obviously in it […]

Sad vs angry


So here we were at the local supermarket. Maria and I had just paid for our stuff with our bank card and the guy at the counter laughed when I said out loud that the amount of 67,76 Euros was the same as our bank pin code. People do that; they laugh at silly jokes. Outside it rained […]

The longings of the heart


François Botes spoke (and sang) about the longings of the heart at Kristen Tjeneste last week. A very interesting topic. I’ll list the topics he mentioned here. You’ll have to lookup the verses and wrap your thoughts around it yourself, or you can download his message. Our hearts long for: Assurance of being enjoyed by […]

James 1


ISV: “From: James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus, the Messiah. To: The twelve tribes in the Dispersion. Greetings.” I didn’t get very far in James before my thoughts spread out far enough to stop and think them through. James is the half-brother of Jesus, which affects the meaning of “servant of”. […]

Passion and Purpose


After a discussion with my friend this morning, I found my way to a website that kickstarted some thoughts about my passion – and purpose. It’s a bit much “me”-focused, but to identify my passion, that would seem to be necessary :-). The rough outcome of it, for now, is as follows. When my life […]

The power of repetition: a walk around the mountain


Driving to a new place usually takes more time than driving back. So many new impressions and your mind has a lot to work with. Repeating the same route will initially bring confirmations “I’ve seen this before”, and eventually you’ll get bored bored bored. To the point where you don’t remember anything of the entire […]



Det arabiske tegnet for N, ن, blir brukt av IS i Irak/Syria-området for å markere hvem som er Nazarene – kristen. I Mosul er det nå ingen kristne, Yazidi, eller Shia-muslimer igjen. De har blitt henrettet eller har flyktet, til Qaraqosh eller Sinjar. Etter at også disse byene ble angrepet flyktet de til fjell-områdene rundt. […]