Stress & Bless

A dutch expression for someone stressing too much is a «stresskip» – translated: «stress chicken».

A good example is…. me! I stress to much, because I often want to keep controll, organize everything and get everything right. Making my life much more difficult than it has to be, but that’s just the way I am.

This last week though, I had a very good reason to stress!

Applied for a visa for entering Ghana, had to send our passport off to the embassy in Copenhagen, because Norway doesn’t have a Ghana Embassy. But since I also had been travelling other places this spring, I couldn’t send off our passport too early, about 2,5 weeks before leaving. Since getting a visa takes max 5 working days and sending 2 days, I thought this would just go fine.

When I phoned the embassy last week to check where our passports were, there were still not sent, were not going to be sent until friday that week. Since we were going to drive to the Netherlands, I choose to have the passports sent to my parents address in the Netherlands.

They didn’t arrive there until the afternoon before we left!! Both me and my father (just in case you wonder where I have this stress-gene from ;-) ) were totally stressed the days before the passports were delivered!

But… we could travel, what a relief!

The stress part was finished…. here comes the bless :-)


We checked in online and found out we had gotten Comfort Seats flying KLM, without extra cost, nice!

My darling drove us to the airport, while my best friend Jacqueline took care of the little ones – thank you Jacq! You’re the best! The kids love her so much, that they didn’t even care mom was going away :-)

Arrived safely at the airport. When we boarded, the stewardess told us we had gotten other seats, they had upgraded us to business class!! All 5 of us, my parents, niece and Marthe and I.

I really felt like a spoiled princess in there – what a comfort, what a service…. what a blessing!!!