So, visa x 5, quite the challenge so it seemed. The Ghanaian embassy seemed to be getting modern, having changed their system of applying for a visa from filling in a form by hand at the embassy, doing an interview and 3 days later going back and pick up the visa, to applying online (according to what they write on their website and what they informed me by mail, that was all)!

It all seemed to good to be true…. which of course it was 😢

After filling out all details online and uploading a picture, the applicant has to book an appointment, print the information filled out online, print out the appointment slip and bring all required documents to the appointment. There, you hand in everything, have to take copies of everything you forgot to copy or whatever they seem necessary that day that isn’t on their website (€0,20 pr copy), have the interview and… come back after 3 days to pick up your passport and visa, unless you apply for an emergency visa (double amount), then it takes 2 hours.

Wondering, is an embassy allowed to keep my passport, them being foreign and my passport being property of the Dutch state?

Anyway, because of all the misinformation through mail and on the website, we ended up having to apply for an emergency visa 😞 But, it’s in the pocket now.

All there’s left now is packing the last things and leaving the house clean and tidy and getting the dishes and laundry done before we leave.

1,5 day to go before our new adventure starts!

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  1. Het kost een paar centen maar uiteindelijk is het toch gelukt.

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