Worship, parenting and church

SupermanWhen I want to worship, I need to sing. Others, I’ve noticed, may wave flags, dance, create paintings, etc. But I feel I need to sing and my body agrees and supports this: even when I don’t feel like singing but I do so anyway, my body responds in a positive way.
But one shall not live by feelings alone.

Feelings should never lead, but instead should follow. Like the canary birds that miners take with them down the mine shaft to check the air quality.
The part of my soul that reasons, knows and understands also has a say. It tells me that worship is a specific way of honoring God as Creator and Savior.
And there are many expressions, depending on your culture, convictions, faith, the way you are put together..

The situation itself also plays an important role. This Sunday┬áI noticed a dad who took his kids to the church service, struggling to contain their excitement – mixed with discontentment. To me this was a wonderful expression of honoring the Father, as this father displayed patience, love and care, in this almost impossible mix of caring for kids and accommodating the other churchgoers.
And I’m thinking that though it perhaps isn’t a very conscious way of worshiping, it sure is a wonderful example of honoring the Father, with so many of the properties He shows us.