Your work is important. But “what” isn’t nearly as important as “how”.

WorkWhen we get together to worship God, we are easily aware that we are not alone in that, and that easily results in a unified focus and a godly response to His greatness. Aka worship. We can also be aware of what other might think as we show emotions but this note is not about that. Also, people’s voices are not always very well trained, and we can get distracted by that. This note is also not about that.

But during the weekdays, this distraction takes a different form, opportunities to sing from our heart are limited to the shower or in the car, so it seems “worship” is harder. But we shouldn’t reserve worship for specific days (Sundays) or gatherings: it’s precisely during these normal weekdays we can make a difference.

Your work carries fruit for now and seed for eternity. It’s in the latter that you’ll find the greatest roi (this is not a typo, but an abbreviation of return on investment).
Your job, I hope, is an amplifier of your convictions and ideally its main purpose is to demonstrate those convictions. But regardless: all jobs – regardless of whether you chose it or if it is forced on you – regardless of whether you just started or are about to quit – regardless of whether you are leading or following: all jobs have an audience; every job is a playing field.
Pray that you keep your focus when you shine your light during the week. If possible, team up with fellow believers. I am convinced that hardships will be easier to carry as they can be seen in the light of what’s truly going on in the long term.