Belief Tree

The Belief Tree is a simple model that identifies the unseen assumptions we operate with in our lives.

Let’s see if I can get down the basics of it in 5 minutes WITH you remembering something useful about it (let me know if that worked, by the way).

YWAM Belief Tree
Soil: your worldview
Basically: what is real to you, without asking questions. You post modern product you! :)

Roots: your beliefs
What do you consider to be true?
In your worldview, you typically don’t have to use your brain. Stuff falls down. When it comes to your beliefs, you use it. Somewhat.

Trunk: your values
What do you think is good? Stuff that you consider good in your heart. Of these two: chocolate is good and broccoli is good, it’s the first one.

Branches: your principles or policies
What do you think is (the) right (thing to do).

Fruit: your actions
If your worldview, beliefs, values and principles line up, you’ll produce good fruit. If they do conflict at some level and degree, it will result in problems.

Two interesting questions

Ask WHY to go deeper, and ultimately end up with the worldview.
Ask SO WHAT to go up and ultimately discover the result.

And one bonus question: How do you change your worldview?
Let me know if you can answer that.