Honolulu. Sunday, December 15th 2013. It’s 21.41 now, which means in just a few hours it will be December 16th. Nothing special. However, it’ll be December 17th in Palau by then. In just a few hours, too, we’ll be boarding a plane to Taiwan, and that’ll mean we get to cross over to Tomorrow. We’re […]

World view


Less than a month to go and things are still hugely interesting here. Not ‘even more so’, but on a different level. This week’s teaching is done by the amazing (drumroll…) Joseph Avakian. Yes, in a Christian environment it’s often not considered proper to call people for what they are (in both good and bad […]

Pains, Plumb line and Palau


Wow, only 1 month left and we’ll be on our way to our outreach in Palau. Crazy to think how fast our time here in Hawaii is flying by :-( Our last weeks have been packed with teaching, activities, but also illness unfortunately. Both Herbert, Marthe and I have been sick and I am in […]

Belief Tree


The Belief Tree is a simple model that identifies the unseen assumptions we operate with in our lives. Let’s see if I can get down the basics of it in 5 minutes WITH you remembering something useful about it (let me know if that worked, by the way). Soil: your worldview Basically: what is real […]

My Miracle Story


Are you ready to hear about the miracle God did in my life? OK… here’s my story (the long version ;-) ) : Yesterday, Oct 31st 2013, started out rough. Herbert and I had a little disagreement, really nothing big, but I felt that because of all the amazing blessings here, the small (not so […]

Parent-teacher meetings


Today we had the parent-teacher meetings at the Foundation School, the kids’ school. We had all 4 in a row, so ‘ran’ from 1 to another. Here are the teacher’s comments: Bente: Strong-willed (oh, really?), but sooooo funny. Very social, playing with all kids, above average smart, will probably be a great leader when she […]

Tippy Tap


Always something fun and practical going on with the guys from JusticeWater.org: Today we looked at the procedure of how to create a tippy tap.Kr

Week 2 and 3


Wow, time is flying – and I don’t want it to, because I don’t want our time here to come to an end :-( We are now almost at the end of week 3. The first week was mainly about getting to know each other, and these 2 last weeks have been filled with teaching, […]



We’ve had our first week of school – and it was great! This first week was mainly about us students, who are we? Introduction week. We got to know our 60 fellow students quite a bit more, and they are a great bunch of people from ‘all over the place’ ;-) The kids also started […]

Aloha Ohana


It’s been a week since we arrived in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i. We have been welcomed by the staff, into our new Ohana (which means ‘family’). The Ohana is all students of our class and the staff and all kids that came with their parents. We spend every day together in class and often our kids as […]

Culture and conflicts


“People from the south of Norway can be really mean: they lie to you in your face and then laugh at you,” somebody said to explain the difficulty she had with understanding irony.