My Miracle Story

Are you ready to hear about the miracle God did in my life?
OK… here’s my story (the long version ;-) ) :

Yesterday, Oct 31st 2013, started out rough.
Herbert and I had a little disagreement, really nothing big, but I felt that because of all the amazing blessings here, the small (not so nice) things kind of hit harder.
Anyway, I felt sad and a bit depressed when we left for class that morning.
When we came up and into the class I felt that all my feelings got 10 times worse. Like the enemy was waiting for me, knowing that I already felt sad and hitting me hard when I was not in my most ‘glorifying the Lord’ mood.
Once I stepped into our classroom everything just turned dark in my head. I didn’t like the way we started with reading in the Bible, and I definitily didn’t want to be in there for worship!
I left and sat down outside our classroom, just staring out.
Herbert came out a few minutes later, I didn’t want to talk to him.
One of the staff-girls came out a little later and prayed for me. That was good even though I still didn’t want to go back in.
A little later, as worship went on in class, she came back out again. She gave me a precious bracelet with a pearl on it. She told me this was her favourite bracelet, and the pearl to her represented the Holy Spirit. The Lord had told her to give it to me, which to her really was a sacrifice! We both cried. I didn’t feel it was easy to accept this gift because it ment so much to her, but I also didn’t want to say no because it was a huge blessing! She started praying again and a few seconds later our DTS leader (in the classroom) started praying loudly in Samoan. When he started praying I could litterally feel the enemy run away and I felt so relieved. The girl praying for me, also understanding Samoan, told me he actually prayed exactly what she had just been praying for me. She told me that she noticed that the enemy was present in the classroom and most people felt it, and obviously also our DTS leader. So it was not just me.
A few minutes later I was able to go back in the classroom again and I actually wanted to be in there as well, I no longer had that heavy feeling.
Teaching started. This week Quovadis Marshall (alias Q) has been teaching about Jesus as Bridegroom, King and Judge.

Now, just before lunch Q’s wife called to tell their daughter is not feeling well with intestinal problems and she’d be taking her to the doctor. He told her he was still in class teaching, but hey… we could as well all pray for her while she was on the phone, right?
While praying for her intestine I felt a warm glow going through my intestinals and I got goose bumps. I asked God: “is that You telling me something?” and He answered: “yes, that is Me telling you something”.
Lunch – tortillas, normally this is food I would not even think of eating, but now it was different. I did take a tortilla.
Before eating Herbert and I and 2 friends prayed for the food to bless my body and not make me sick, since I sincerely believed He had healed me.
I ate half a tortilla.

I am fine!!! None of the normal problems, no cramps, no dizzyness, nothing!

Today for dinner I had a small piece of baguette with roastbeef and again no signs of any symptoms!

Praise the Lord!
Thank you Lord for healing me! Thank you for your amazing blessing over this day! Thank you for taking care of me!