Facebook-gruppe ( <- Norwegian title, I finally realized)

Van-Vliet Facebook groupWe’ve come to realize that we don’t have enough time to experience all we do, then process and talk through things together, correcting and giving feedback, and then to also word it all in a nice blog post for the world – and you! – to see, enjoy and participate.
That’s somewhat sad, because in reality that means that we don’t have enough time to communicate as much as we would like. However..

..we realized that part of the problem is the time it takes to write a decent blog post. We’re just not very skilled in that area.

We decided to change the medium a bit, and so we created a Facebook group, which you will find here:

It’s something we would like to try out and see if this works for you and us, while we are away.
The best is of course to get together for a meal :)

From time to time, we’ll “cross post”, so stuff that we can put on our blog we will put on our blog.

Because of the sensitive nature of some of the things we go through, we prefer to limit access to the group; it is therefore a closed group where we have to manually accept members. We do offer some apologies for any inconvenience :-).
Much love and hope to see you on our Facebook group.