List of files from DropBox

If you have a DropBox folder that you don’t synchronize to your own machines, for example when you have your backup routines send the files to DropBox only, you might run into a situation where it would be nice with an overview of what’s in that folder.

DropBox unfortunately does not give you that option, so what you can do instead is to copy this javascript:

jQuery('.file-tile-grid-container a.tile').map(function(){ return this.href }).get().join('\n')

Go to your DropBox folder, press F12 (which pulls up the developer console) and paste the javascript. Copy the output to your editor.
Unfortunately (again, yes) DropBox shows currently up to 110 items of the folder at the time. So getting a list of 110 items might not and probably will not be enough.
With rows of 5 items it takes some scrolling to get to the 100th or so item and you can repeat the trick.

Unless you know what the code means, never copy and paste JavaScript found on the Internet somewhere in your console.