Van-Vliet Facebook group

Facebook-gruppe ( <- Norwegian title, I finally realized)


We’ve come to realize that we don’t have enough time to experience all we do, then process and talk through things together, correcting and giving feedback, and then to also word it all in a nice blog post for the world – and you! – to see, enjoy and participate. That’s somewhat sad, because in […]

Krister and Bente

Blir du med til Hawaii?


Disse 2 herlige unger, som er 10 og 13, håper at noen har lyst å bli med oss til Hawaii i januar for å gjøre skolearbeid med dem, ha masse gøy, og selvfølgelig… spise shave-ice ;-) Vi skal ha 3 nye måneder på YWAM basen i Hawaii og skal være stab på Medical DTS. Disse […]

Feet that carry good tidings

From sandals to snow boots and back


      We got back in Norway just about a week ago. Some of the things we definitely had to adjust to again were: * time (we’re ready for bed around dinner time and up early – this doesn’t sound like us at all, I know!) * food (adjusting back from eating rice with […]