Getting settled in

Slowly we’re getting settled in and overcoming our jetlag.
Last night was the first night we actually pretty much slept through the whole night. We went to bed around 9 (kids a bit earlier) and woke up at 5.30. Not bad, considering that this actually was daytime a few days ago :-)

We’ve had a parent/teacher meeting in the kids’ school and the kids are almost done with their first week in school. Today (Thursday) they’re both on a field trip. Krister’s class to the beach, Bente’s class to a big playground.
They both have 1 good friend in their class and are getting along fine with the others as well, we’re so happy about that.
After school we mostly hang out at the pool and often some of the DTS students come join us and play with the kids in the water, which the kids totally love!

Herbert is the IT guy here on base and everybody is so happy he’s here, because the one doing the IT before we came also had several other jobs, so it’s been too much. Herbert is starting to get more and more organised with what needs to be done.
I have not had a set job yet, as we were still settling in and we needed to get the kids to and from school.
Today I had 2 meetings here. I’ve been asked to help out with organizing events and making sure birthdays are celebrated :) As some of you might know, I love organizing, so I definitely said yet to helping out there.
The next meeting was about work. I’ve been asked if I want to oversee the hospitality team, meaning: making sure everything gets cleaned and necessary things are done. Because of my physical health I can’t be doing the cleaning myself (even though I feel much better here!), but there are volunteers doing the cleaning work, it just needs to be overseen and organized. Judy was so happy when I said yes to doing this job! :-)

Else, we’re really enjoying living here, there are so many (small) blessings throughout the days.
We’re starting every day with breakfast on the deck with a view over the ocean!
We’re having sun every day!
We have a pool!
We live in a community with lots of awesome people!
We don’t have to do our own cooking!
We got 2 rooms instead of 1!

Only things missing here is our 2 amazing teens who stayed in Norway!
Glad there’s Skype, but we surely do miss them!
Love you, Marthe and Eskil

3 thoughts on “Getting settled in

  1. Sounds like this time was planned for you along time ago. Enjoy all of it. Wish we could be there to visit also.

  2. Så godt å høyre at det snart er i rute med sovinga. Håper du ikkje tek på deg for mykje arbeid, Maria, og at du Herbert ikkje blir oppspist av alle som trenger data hjelp. Ha det godt. Her er det strålande vêr kvar dag. Av og til nattefrost. Fam. Gudmund køyrde til Trøndelag i dag, så nå er Skjalg gardsbestyrar. Det går nok godt.
    Veldig glad i dokke. Klem fra mor

  3. Fijn dat het wat beter gaat, genieten maar van het heerlijke weer. Hier is het koud geworden.

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