Ironman and the hurting leg

Last weekend was the annual Ironman World Championship, right here in Kona Hawaii, with the start and finish right in front of our doorstep.
The race started at 6.35, but the noise started way earlier, so the kids thought it had started and came to wake me up. People actually start lining up to watch the start already from 5am (or even earlier), but since we have a great view right from our base-deck we didn’t need to be early ;-)
If you don’t know what Ironman is, check out their website:
It was a long day, since I was up until 00:10 when they closed the finish line. Only those finishing before that can call themselves an Ironman.
All we heard from the first person finished around 3pm until 00:10 was: “You are an Ironman!”
During the Ironman competition it was incredibly full on the streets, and also our base (and swimmingpool especially) was flooded with people. Lots of families from the big YWAM campus had come over to our base to swim.
Also, since our base was right in the middle of where everything was happening, a helicopter was flying right over our building the whole day and filming. That too gave a lot of noise.

In the meantime, in our room, Herbert was trying to sleep because he was not feeling well.
Since Friday morning he has had a fever, headaches and just generally not been feeling well. His ‘weak spot’ on his lower leg also started being red again.
One of our neighbours on base is a nurse and since Herbert was still sick on Sunday, he had a little check. He said it would be better to go to clinic, which is open on Sundays. We got to borrow a car, so we decided to have it checked out.
The doctor was a bit concerned it could be a blood cloth caused by our long flight, so today Herbert had an ultrasound of his leg to check. Thankfully no blood cloth. He did get antibiotics however to kill whatever infection he might have in his leg.
Herbert is feeling a bit better now, no more fever, it does however hurt quite a lot when walking :-(