The Van Vliet Family

Our next step…


Aloha from Hawai’i Many people have been waiting for this. We’re sorry it has taken a while and that your patience was tested, but we will now finally let the world know what next step God has put on our hearts. God bless!

DTS by the Pool, YWAM Ships

Outreach reveal


I love how much fun our ships base DTS’s make the reveal of the outreach teams! Here’s a little explanation about DTS and outreach. A  DTS (discipleship training school) consists of 2 phases: lecture phase and outreach phase. During lecture phase they have weekly topics to learn more about God, themselves, the Word, and to […]

Martin Luther King Jr.

Steps of faith


When God told us to go to Hawai’i, He didn’t say why and for how long, He only told us to go. As you all know: we went. We’ve been in Hawai’i, staffing with YWAM for more than 3 months now. A new DTS quarter has just started, which means 60+ new students to get […]

Happy Christmas & A Merry New Year


Seriously. We hope your Christmas time is a happy time. May you be merry throughout the entire 2017!

Merry Christmas


Excuses excuses… I surely could use some, for saying why I haven’t been updating this blog for quite a while…. but I won’t. Let’s just leave it with: finally another message from the van Vliet family! Since a few weeks, our 2 eldest kids are here as well! It’s so nice to have our family […]

The power of electrical power


Time is money, and money is power, and … etc. Fun to ponder when things won’t work.

Fail! Fail?


“Brother? Hey brother!” The woman calls me as I walk down Likana Lane. I hardly listen because I’m trying to find a parking spot for our car, and she’s clearly a person without a home – actually one without flipflops even.

Like a buddhist celebrating Christmas


That’s what – I think – I felt like a bit, these last days. This is the second time we celebrated Thanksgiving in the US of A, and the depth of the event is evading me. Thankfulness is a great thing – I had to go look for it, this last Thursday, and I found […]

A thing called a free lunch

So much..


Today was a day with meetings sharing vision for the Pacific islands, getting a virtual instance on Amazon AWS in shape for OpenVBX, helping out in the kitchen ánd serving homeless people at the yearly Thanksgiving luncheon that was organized here, getting unwilling printers in shape, saying “bye for now and see you in January” […]



A few days ago, the kids (both of them – but starting off with Bente) started having pain in their ears. I tried some home remedies to see if the pain would go away, but it didn’t help much unfortunately :-( We’re lucky to have a good neighbor who is a nurse and he offered […]

Family Fun Day


Last Saturday was Family Fun Day here at Port YWAM! And fun it was most definite!! Finally a picture blog, as we have so many fun pics of this day. Activities: Arts and Crafts, very serious business. There were coloring sheets, crayons, paper, scissors, stickers and on the other table craft sticks and glue to […]

Count your blessings, name them one by one..


Count your blessings, name them one by one Count your blessings, see what God has done This week hasn’t been the easiest, but in the midst of the challenges we have seen an amazing amount of blessings, and I also feel it was the best week so far! Our challenges mainly have to do with […]

Why we do what we do


Some of you might be wondering what we’re doing here in Hawaii. Some of you who maybe don’t know us that well might think we’re into surfing, like to swim with dolphins, want to get a tan or were just tired of working and needed a holiday in the sun :-) Some of you who […]

Haiti etter ‘Matthew’


Du har kanskje fått med deg noen nyheter om orkanen Matthew, men med så mange andre relevante saker på forsidene til VG og Dagbladet kan det godt ha gått hus forbi deg. For mange familier på Haiti gjorde orkanen ikke det.

Ironman and the hurting leg


Last weekend was the annual Ironman World Championship, right here in Kona Hawaii, with the start and finish right in front of our doorstep. The race started at 6.35, but the noise started way earlier, so the kids thought it had started and came to wake me up. People actually start lining up to watch […]

Getting settled in


Slowly we’re getting settled in and overcoming our jetlag. Last night was the first night we actually pretty much slept through the whole night. We went to bed around 9 (kids a bit earlier) and woke up at 5.30. Not bad, considering that this actually was daytime a few days ago :-) We’ve had a […]

Day 1 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


Day 1 is behind us and was quite the ride. We arrived in Kona at 6pm Sunday evening, Hawaiian time, which is 6am Monday morning back home in Norway. We left Schiphol Airport (Netherlands) at 10am Sunday morning, so it was a long travel. We were picked up at the airport and brought to our […]

Hawaii and YWAM Ships


Just had a short phone conversation with one of my very best friends. We obviously hadn’t met or talked for way too long – and Norwegian vacations easily add to that. Somehow we managed to not tell him – and perhaps you as well – that we’ll be going to Hawaii at the end of […]