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Last week we booked our tickets. We’re going to Ghana for 2 months and taking 3 of our 4 children with us! Whoohooo exited!

Herbert and I have been in Ghana before, but for the kids it’s going to be a totally new experience. The main reason for us to choose to go to Ghana is because the Norwegian cold is unfortunately making me quite sick and my joints are longing for some warm weather. Even though Ghana might be more costly to fly to than – say – Canary Island, my parents have a house and a guesthouse on the orphanage compound where we can stay for free, so this is great for us to have a longer stay in warm weather. Besides that it will be great to spend time with the orphans and see the projects my parents have been working on. We also believe it’s great for our kids to see all this.

Unfortunately our sweet, almost 18 year old, will not be joining us. She has been in Ghana before, but this time she’s too busy with her school and cannot take any time off :-( We will have to do homeschooling with the others.

There’s a lot we need to arrange before our travels:
* getting our new passports
* applying for a visa
* vaccinations
* malaria meds
* getting all school stuff for the kids
* (me) applying to stay abroad, since I’m on ‘sick leave’
* tidying up the house and giving/throwing away lots of stuff

We hope you’ll stand with us in prayer in our preparation for this trip.
If you’d like to contribute in any way, please let us know. The best way is to contribute with prayer, but we’d also be happy if you’d like to help out my parents’ organization financially.
The organization’s (dutch) website is; some norwegian info can be read on

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful idea Maria you both have a wonderful gift for blessing others with your lives . I would love to do something like that and have that experience God’s blessings to you both and the children stay safe . I will read up on the heart for children org.

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