Trust and love

We heard Bertie Brits the other day.
He spoke about trust and shared a few very interesting things. I do a horrible job at remembering


Between the serpent speaking and Adam & Eve eating from the tree, there was loss of trust. I won’t distinguish between Adam and Eve (they were obviously in it together, regardless of the reasoning/feelings for it) – but Eve & Adam no longer believed God would provide.
If you don’t believe that God will provide, you will believe it is necessary to fend for yourself. And lo and behold: there was the tree of knowledge of good & evil.
Now, to me the fruit look very much like the knowledge of javascript. What does it look like for you?


When Jesus was made as sin for us (2 Cor. 5, 1 Peter 2) – something was demonstrated for us, that is often overlooked. Jesus took the punishment (Romans 3) yet God resurrected Him and placed Him at His right hand. Keyword here is yet!
In this aspect, Jesus is the manifestation of God’s love where God showed He is trustworthy. It’s as if God says: I will show I will provide! I will show it through death, resurrection and ascension.
There is no way to convince others of your trustworthiness other than by demonstrating it.

Now the Father and Son and Spirit are one – and all things are created through Jesus. All these things stand – and all that amplifies this:
If Jesus was carrying our sins, what happened so He can sit at the Father’s right hand?
This is the ultimate demonstration of Gods forgiveness…