Homo slurpians

Yes yes…. this western (no, not western as in cowboys and such, just… you know, from the west) family has now arrived in the east, the land of the homo SLURPians (in other words… noodles slurping Asians!).

I’ve really looked forward to travelling to Asia, except from the prospect of going to have dinner out with slurping Asians all around me!
I’m that kind of person that not just gets annoyed with people making eating sounds, but aggression seriously builds up inside of me.
It’s a disorder, there’s even a name for it: Misophonia

So, here we are, in Bangkok and hey… no cooking possibilities in our apartment, so what do we do? Of course, we’re heading out for dinner.
We get ourselves some plates of noodles (yes, the ultimate slurping dish) and some other goodies and find a place to sit down to enjoy it.
“Enjoy?” You might say, “what about the slurping? What about the terrible sound, the emotions building up, the aggression?”
None of that, because you know what? Bangkok is a city with 10 million citizens, which means there’s crowds of people everywhere, which also means that because of all the homo sapiens talking, there’s too much noise for me to actually hear the homo slurpians!  Tadaaaaaa!!

But, having said that, it brings me to the next subject: big city life
More of that in my next blog :-)

Love and blessings from Bangkok


6 thoughts on “Homo slurpians

  1. So great to see you finally arrived. What a great adventure for you. Is Bangkok your destination?

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I’m the same way. :) Enjoy, be safe, we’re praying for you.

  3. Cynthia, we’re heading to Poipet, Cambodia. Just making a 4 day stop in Bangkok

  4. re. misophonia. I’ve completed ca. 46 yrs of research on this. The data shows that it is not a brain disorder. The condition appears to occur with highly intelligent people that have learned social at least a minimum standard of social skills ;-)

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