How to play AJ

Animal JamHow to play Animal Jam.

Tips: best on ipad or tablet.

1. First go on app store and install Animal Jam

2. Go play it when its done.

3. First u are a guest jammer

4. Make an account.

5. Design yourself how u want.

6. Make friends.

7. Buy a den that costs real money: princess castle or tree house awesome. You dont ┬áhave to………

8. Buy awesome clothes.

9. Buy furnigire.

10. Trade other animals with very good stuff so u get very good stuff: tigerstun, Gone10, Bmvv.

11. Be the best jammer ever tips: Tell everyone that u have a……. for ur den, Make lots of friends show other animals ur clothes, Throw a party at ur den, have cake there, some tea, make a family: mom, dad, son maybe two or more, daughters. ┬áHave all good

Stuff or all stuff on AJ all the animals and all dens then you’ll be the best jammer ever yipi.

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