My AJ friend

Hi memo today ill tell you little about my AJ friend.

So when I first saw her (she was an arctic wolf) then I was in the wolves only party and she sang ‘pink fluffy unicorn is dancing on rainbows’ I know that song to so I joined singing it. Then she sang it again and she sead ‘ pink ‘ I sead fluffy she sead unicorn I sead is she sead dancing I sead on and then we both sead rainbow then she sead YES to me. And we began to know each other better and then ¬†we met someone else (she also was an arctic) and her name was puppy and my friend’s name is animal girl.

And I asked do u like my little pony? And she sead yes. And we all went to her den but then my buddy Queenwish came to it was a party goin and lots of ppl came to. And guess what she had a……….. PRINCESS CASTLE!!!!

I asked if I could live there and she sead ok. She sent me to my own beautiful room!! BYE MEMO.