Outreach reveal

I love how much fun our ships base DTS’s make the reveal of the outreach teams!
Here’s a little explanation about DTS and outreach.

A  DTS (discipleship training school) consists of 2 phases: lecture phase and outreach phase.
During lecture phase they have weekly topics to learn more about God, themselves, the Word, and to be prepared for their outreach.
Outreach is the practical part, where they go out to another nation to practice what they’ve been taught.
Outreach is about helping others, serving, spreading love, spreading the Gospel, creating new friendships and much more.
During the first few weeks of lecture phase, the school leaders reveal the countries that have been chosen as outreach locations.
After that, students get some time to pray and think about where they should go on outreach. They then hand in a note giving their top 3.
School leadership will then pray about the different options and teams and create teams for the different locations.
Not everyone gets to go to their #1 option, but as much as possible the wishes will be granted. Some outreach locations just don’t have the capacity to have a big team coming over, so these things have to be taken into consideration.

Anyway…. tonight, the students would all get to know what country they will travel to on their outreach.
The creative way the DTS’s here at the Ships base do that is just so much fun!
All students gathered around the pool, where balloons of different colors were floating.
At the start sign, they all had to jump in, looking for the balloon with their name on it.
Then, when they found their balloon, gather in groups together with everyone with the same color balloon.
When everyone had their balloons, they revealed which group was going where!

I am so excited for the students! They will now also start gathering in their outreach teams to do team building, learn more about the places they’ll go to and start preparing for outreach.