Steps of faith

When God told us to go to Hawai’i, He didn’t say why and for how long, He only told us to go.
As you all know: we went.
We’ve been in Hawai’i, staffing with YWAM for more than 3 months now.

A new DTS quarter has just started, which means 60+ new students to get to know, which is awesome! We do miss the students who we got to know and love during the last 3 months and who now have left on outreach, but they will be back for debrief in March.
This new group of students is awesome as well and we’re looking forward to get to know them better.

For the coming 3 months we will continue to do the same work here at Port YWAM Kona.
We love the community here and like our work, but we also had the feeling this was not “it”, but that God had something else planned for us. We trusted Him for showing us the next step during our time here.

During the last month, God has indeed been revealing our next step.
We are very excited about what He has for us, and will soon reveal to all our friends and family what is coming up next ;-)

Please continue to stand with us in prayer, as we continue to step out in faith!

We are thankful for:
* God showing us our next step
* Good friends
* A good community to work and live in
* Good health
* Being blessed with a nanny, Kaja, who will do school work with our kids, as well as have fun with them

Please pray for:
* The new students to feel at home here
* Our kids’ next 3 months of homeschooling with their new nanny
* Kaja (the nanny) to get settled in and build new friendships