We’ve had our first week of school – and it was great!

This first week was mainly about us students, who are we? Introduction week.
We got to know our 60 fellow students quite a bit more, and they are a great bunch of people from ‘all over the place’ ;-)

The kids also started school last Monday.
Their school is called Foundation School.
Bente is in the Junior class and they are around 10 kids age 4-7 with 4 female teachers! She has already made friends with many of the kids, but especially with the Norwegian Thelma and her brother Noah. 1 of the teachers, Hilde, is also Norwegian.
Krister is in (what I think is called) middle school and is in a class with 4 other boys and 2 girls, a total of 7 children, with a young and great married couple as their teachers. Krister has become best friends with Daniel, 1 of the kids of a Norwegian family of 8!
Eskil is in Junior High. Eskil is 1 of 3 (!) Norwegian boys in his class. In addition there is a Danish boy, a German boy, a Norwegian girl and I believe a few more girls. He has 2 male teacher, both really cool guys!
Marthe is in a class of 11, 4 girls and 7 boys. Marthe is the only European girl, but has both a Norwegian and a Danish boy in her class. Marthe teacher is Norwegian as well. In addition to him, there is also another teacher, a younger girl and also really cool, so Marthe says ;-)

So here we are, on the other side of the planet, yet surrounded by Norwegians ;-))

All 4 of the kids like their class and their teachers, and look forward to a new day in school every day! What a blessing!

Ps: we like the Norwegians here, so this was not meant as a *sigh* ;-) We hang out quite a bit with a lovely Norwegian family with 6 sweet kids, that are in the same Ohana