Week 2 and 3

Wow, time is flying – and I don’t want it to, because I don’t want our time here to come to an end :-(
We are now almost at the end of week 3. The first week was mainly about getting to know each other, and these 2 last weeks have been filled with teaching, sharing, talking to each other and God.

Week 2 our leaders Ben & Jeff shared with us about the Fatherheart of God. God has done great things in our Ohana. We really feel the amazing and unconditional love of the Father.
We do see that not all of our brothers and sisters really feel the love of God, some because of really tough backgrounds or things happening in their lives, others maybe because of unanswered questions, but we are amazed everyday by what He is doing with all of us!
We also started ‘trios’. Our Ohana is devided in groups of 3. One afternoon every week we get together as trios and share about our challenges.
A great concept, and nice to be able to share in a smaller group.

This week, Donna Jordan is speaking in our class every morning.
Her teaching is about ‘Listening to God’. Many people think God isn’t speaking to them simply because they don’t know how to listen and don’t recognize His voice.
Through examples and practising we learn to recognize His voice and I really think we often make it to complicated.
If we want to have a relationship with him and talk to Him, just ask Him to speak – and make sure you listen!
That little voice, the first thought you have and think is nothing – it’s most likely your heavenly Father speaking to you! If you don’t understand that thought… ask Him!
This week has been amazing so far and we enjoy every second of being in class.
This morning we were asked to ask God what holds us back from having that close relationship with Him, are there things in our lives that we should ask forgiveness for or maybe just leave behind us?
We were asked to write down on paper what was on our heart – and on God’s heart that stood between Him and us. We (individually) went down to the garden to litterally burn it.
After coming back to the classroom, we had the chance to wash the feet of others if we felt God wanted us to do that!
That was a great experience and it touched us deeply!
Biggest blessing today:
One of the boys in class was born again today!! Praise the Lord! He is GOOOOD!!!