The jam

Hi memo. Today the sun is shining bright. So it was a little disaster today, I had the jam and I didn’t hurry up so krister my brother tried to take the jam but I took it back and then I tried to give it to dad but then the bad thing happned…….

The jam bottle broke cuz I dropped it in an accident. Then dad got mad and I forgot to say sorry. Butt dad told me that I needed to say sorry  I needed to say it three times!

But just then I started to cry. I took my bottle in the frige and took my plate to the kitchen and then i tried to walk to my room and slam the door butt dad stopped me. He sead I needed to say thanks for the food, and I did it butt 1 second after I slaamed the door and sat on my bed crying. Butt I heard my goat max so I walked in the living room butt dad sead that we needed to talk and then we began to talk. And I wanted to check on my little goatee goat so when we were done I walked to my goat max. Butt dad was nice soon. So bye memo!