The rooster story continues….

Once there was a rooster, he was the master of his flock of hens and had a good live in the little village of Aduonya.

One day, some strange white people came to visit his village. He was just eating some corn and looked up to see what these strangers were up to. They seemed like nice people, so the rooster went on and minded his own business.

Then after a while, one of the village people whom the rooster thought he could trust, came up to him and picked him up. Still unawhere of danger, the rooster asked the man what he was doing, but people don’t understand the rooster’s language, so he got no answer.

Then the village man tied the rooster’s legs and brought him to the white people and put him inside their vehicle.


Now the rooster started to worry, where were they taking him?

After a long and bumpy drive, they let him out, but his legs were still tied, so he couldn’t walk.

Then some other black guy came together with a young white boy and fastened his leg to a piece of wood, so he couldn’t walk away or even fly away.


The compound rooster tried to come over and fight, but was chased away by the white kids (that was kind of nice actually, even though the rooster still worried about his future).

And indeed, his worries were of good reason, because suddenly this black young dude came back with a black lady with a sharp knive and also more white people (with cameras) came.

It seemed like something was about to happen, and it wasn’t going to be nice.


Unfortunately, the rooster is now unable to tell his own story… his life ended drastically in the white kids’ biology lesson.

DSC_1842 DSC_1850

Especially that one white boy was very interested in seeing all organs, and even holding them. He was taught how to kill and pluck the chicken, how to cut it and how to take out all organs and what you can and cannot eat. He was very interested and not afraid of the blood, organs and all other gross stuff.

DSC_1852 DSC_1858 DSC_1859

His cooking career is going to be bright!