World view

Less than a month to go and things are still hugely interesting here.
Not ‘even more so’, but on a different level.

This week’s teaching is done by the amazing (drumroll…) Joseph Avakian.
Yes, in a Christian environment it’s often not considered proper to call people for what they are (in both good and bad ways), but I’m not considerate, and Joseph is totally amazing. According to me at least. As with all things, you have to make up your own mind. Which in these days means: go google him.
When I grow up, I want to be like him a bit.
His teaching style is very unlike what I’ve experienced before. He warned us up front: He’s more about guiding than instructing. Makes sense cause the things that work best are the realizations/revelations/insights you come up with yourself. If you’ve seen “Inception”, let me ad: Yes, that works very well for me.

So, the highlights of these last three days? Ehhhhh… I can’t tell you. Really.
But I can tell you why I can’t tell you. Mainly because this week isn’t about the Presentation of Information, the Increase of Knowledge, or The Experience (read Schaeffer, very insightful), but it’s really in my opinion about the thought process itself. What he shares changes my thinking. And how do I explain how that works??

Four weeks ago or so, we talked about the “belief tree“. Worldview was the soil, roots the faith, the trunk your values, branches your principles, and your actions are your fruit. When everything aligns, that’s when you get wisdom. My frustration with that was: how do I change my worldview?
In comes Joseph. And I don’t know what hit me. Ask me again in a few year’s time, haha!

World view does start with yourself. If you want to know more, ask me. But don’t expect an answer. Expect a question.