Honolulu. Sunday, December 15th 2013.
It’s 21.41 now, which means in just a few hours it will be December 16th. Nothing special.
However, it’ll be December 17th in Palau by then. In just a few hours, too, we’ll be boarding a plane to Taiwan, and that’ll mean we get to cross over to Tomorrow. We’re skipping Monday, which is weird. One calendar day gone :-)
If it were possible to travel around the world in a day, we could’ve travelled to the East instead of the West, and also arrive at the same day.

Earlier this week we’ve been busy packing, cleaning, sorting, as well as attending lectures. Kristen Williams was speaking on a variety of topics. Nash and Finney stood out; Google it if you want, I personally am going to contemplate it.
Today turned out to be another beautiful day. We started with saying all kinds of goodbyes, some temporal, others perhaps not-so-temporal, but we’ll see. When we were on board the Logos II in 2008, we saw people meeting up again after 30 years. And that’s a pre-facebook era, that meant they hadn’t touched base for a long long time. “You look the same, only you’re twice the guy”, was a comment that stuck in my mind ;)

Back to tonight: we’re sitting outside a food court; lots of kids running around and making a lot of noise. Their parents should be ashamed of themselves, were it not that it’s our kids. So we let the kids be, and replace our shame with other people’s embarassment.
It looks like I’m the only one who found an open wifi connection. It’s a bit thin so I dare not help others out: to less the merrier.

Fast forward to tomorrow: we’ll be sitting outside somewhere and kids probably whining and grumpy. Think Hawaii is warm? Think again. Think Hawaii is beautiful? Yes, but check Palau! Sure looks like paradise. Thing with that though is it’s a one-sided view of what Palau is. If your identity really only is about the nature being nice, and everybody ooh & aah-ing only your nature… the feeling of being exploited might come to mind after a couple of decades.

Only some time left before boarding. Let’s hope for an upgrade, haha :)