Big city life


Our view by day and by night, what a blessing!
We rented a small apartment through airbnb and just love love love the view and the location. We’re very close to the skytrain and a big mall with food court, and very close to our friend Mark’s hotel, so we could meet up with him this weekend.

So, Bangkok…. the people here are very nice and polite, many of them actually speak English, so the language hasn’t really been a barrier.
We haven’t done a whole lot yet, since we’ve been quite tired from the travel, but we have enjoyed the closest area here and tons of good food :-)

I always consider myself to be a city girl, so living on my mountain back home in our small village is not my dream location, to say it like that :)

Anyway, although I do love city life, I’d say Bangkok is a bit too much of a city for me. There are always huge crowds everywhere and traffic is just stuck the whole day.
I totally get why the skytrain is ‘the way to go’ here, because you really don’t get anywhere by car, it’s faster to walk… hehe.

So, even though I love cities and shopping malls and people AND the people of Bangkok really are nice, this would not be the city for me I guess.
But hey, we’re only here for a few days, so I am enjoying hanging around here and seeing some of the city.

Yesterday we had quite the storm with heavy rain, flooding and thunderstorms, so we didn’t go anywhere.

Only in the evening did we get to meet up with our friend Mark, his mom and her friends, to go out for dinner and a drink afterwards.
We had such a great evening!

According to the weather predictions, today was supposed to be a rainy and stormy day as well, so we have only planned on going to a mall with an indoor trampoline park, but the weather is actually beautiful today, so we’ll have to decide on whether we still are only going for the trampoline park, or actually going to do some outdoor sightseeing :-)

We’ll keep you all posted!

Blessings from the big city