Count your blessings, name them one by one..

Count your blessings, name them one by one
Count your blessings, see what God has done


This week hasn’t been the easiest, but in the midst of the challenges we have seen an amazing amount of blessings, and I also feel it was the best week so far!

Our challenges mainly have to do with education and our wonderful son. School and Krister is just not the best combination. He has always struggled with school and still does, also here :-(
There are some parts of school that he likes here in Hawaii, and that’s when they go out on what they call a treasure hunt, where they talk to people and pray for them. He also likes quiet time and ofcourse all the fun stuff they do. But when it comes to school work, class teaching and social expectations (team play) he shuts down and builds this huge wall around himself.
He has also shown aggression, which we have learned from all these years being his parents is pure frustration. We understand, school doesn’t. It has always been a struggle, it still is a struggle.
For those of you who don’t know: Krister has something called SLI (specific language impairment), both receptive and expressive – which is also called developmental dysphasia.
SLI is often not understood and can cause big problems socially and academically if not understood and handled in the right way.
This week…. not good. Much frustration, much aggression, many tears and mommy’s heart broken for my little boy having so many difficulties in life.

Then, there are all these blessings.
Yes, it WAS (and still is :) ) an amazing week! We’re really settled in now and have had many wonderful conversations with both staff and students. We feel we know most people now, not only by face, but even by name (yes, it can be done! :-) )
I’ve started to really connect with some of the young girls here, and they’re all amazing, loving and caring. It is so nice to chat with them, and when they notice I’m sad, they’ve really shown they care… what a blessing!
This week one of the women here let us borrow her car because she was out on one of the ships… huge blessing!
During the week our school leader from when we did our DTS came over, we chatted and he told us he and his wife want to bless us by giving us their car… incredible blessing!
Then, I chatted with my beautiful eldest daughter and she told me it looks like our 2 eldest kiddos are coming to Hawaii for a whole month… best blessing!

Those are only a few of the blessings we’re experiencing here… the sun, the climate, the people, the work, the community, the rooms, our health, the food, the ocean, the swimming pool, and so much more.

We’re having a great time, but still need your prayers!
Thank you for praying for us.

LOL (that means Lots Of Love, right? ;-) ) from Hawaii

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