Family Fun Day

Last Saturday was Family Fun Day here at Port YWAM!
And fun it was most definite!!

Finally a picture blog, as we have so many fun pics of this day.

dsc_0844 dsc_0853
Arts and Crafts, very serious business. There were coloring sheets, crayons, paper, scissors, stickers and on the other table craft sticks and glue to build. Krister and Herbert built a Minecraft guy.

dsc_0856 dsc_0886
upcake decorating was lots of fun and oh so delicious :-)

dsc_0860 Photobooth!!!

dsc_0865 Games with a chance to win a goodie bag

dsc_0873 Most fun… the water slide!! The best part? Even mom went up (and down!) the water slide. Do I hear applause? ;)

dsc_0890 Sugar, sugar

dsc_0891 and more sugar! whooohooooo

And, this was just the morning. After hotdogs for lunch, we entered the pool and were in there for the remaining day.
Yes, we had an AWESOME day, but…. exhausting as well.

This cool (remember? waterslide?) mom was totally worn out and enjoyed a quiet day in bed Sunday, which after all is a day of rest.


1 thought on “Family Fun Day

  1. Dear Ria, that sounds like great fun!
    Say “hi” to Herb and the kids as well.
    Sending a big hug to this cool watersliding mom :)

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