A few days ago, the kids (both of them – but starting off with Bente) started having pain in their ears. I tried some home remedies to see if the pain would go away, but it didn’t help much unfortunately :-(

We’re lucky to have a good neighbor who is a nurse and he offered to check their ears.
He found out that both had ear infections, Bente on both ears and Krister on 1 side.
He explained that they both had quite a lot of ear wax, and when swimming in the pool, water (and bacteria) would go into their ear, but not come out so easily because of all the wax. And then, bacteria do what bacteria do…. they start having a party in your ear and leave behind a painful mess.
So, our amazing nurse flushed their ears to get the mess out of there!
dsc_0906 dsc_0908
I will spare you the details, but the afterparty coming from Bente’s ears did NOT look good! :-(
Most of it is out now though, so the passage to and from the ear drum is free again.

Ideally they shouldn’t be swimming for a week now, but that’s not easy with a pool right outside our room and the temperatures we’re living in, so instead we plug in some plugs (in the ears that is) and make sure they keep their heads above the water.

Hopefully they will soon get rid of the infections, which is looking hopeful, because they are already telling me the pain is less.

Prayer is appreciated!

3 thoughts on “OUCH!

  1. Så godt at dei har fått hjelp. Øreverk er veldig vondt.

  2. Dat is niet zo mooi, hoop dat het gauw over is en dan een beetje opletten . sterkte met kris en bente

  3. Ha, het eerste bericht dat ik lees gaat over pijn. Gelukkig lachen Kris en Bente alweer op de foto ;)
    En zwemmen mag vást wel weer nu.
    Geniet ervan!
    (Leuk dat ik je blog weer ‘gevonden’ heb!)
    Dikke knuffel van Sija

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