Parent-teacher meetings

Today we had the parent-teacher meetings at the Foundation School, the kids’ school. We had all 4 in a row, so ‘ran’ from 1 to another.

Here are the teacher’s comments:

Strong-willed (oh, really?), but sooooo funny. Very social, playing with all kids, above average smart, will probably be a great leader when she grows up, an open book (will let you know exactly how she feels), not afraid to speak out in class, prays for her classmates, doesn’t eat much, pretty fluent in English, helps the younger kids and is the translator for the Norwegian kids.

Doing well in class, good friend for the other kids, a (mostly) good example for the other (younger) kids, does his homework, works when he needs to work, creative, good helper for his teachers, because he is the translator for the Norwegian kids.

Works well, has to stay focussed on his journal writing (did great in the beginning, but a little less last 2 weeks), doing great else on his work, well behaving and friends with the other kids, enjoying school, likes the teaching, is great in English and is the translator for the Norwegian kids.

Active in participating in class, a bit short on her journal writing, brings a lot of joy to her class, a good friend to the others, well-behaving in class, does what is expected of her, dares to speak out, but is challenged to speak out her own opinions even more.

Nice to hear that both Eskil, Krister and Bente feel so comfortable speaking English that they are the key (translator) between the teachers and the Norwegian kids. In Marthe’s class all students speak English, so there it’s not a problem.

Soooo…. we’re pretty proud and blessed parents :-)

And when it comes to the teachers…. they’re doing an amazing job! We thank the Lord for their sponsors who make it possible for them to serve on campus teaching our children!